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Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Recap and Review: Unexpected Special Cameo Spiced Up the Series!

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Recap and Review: The famous hit South Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순) spin-off series Strong Girl Nam-soon (힘쎈여자 강남순) of the is directed by Kim Jung-Sik and written by Baek Mi-Kyeong. Starring Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Jung-eun, Kim Hae-sook, Ong Seong-wu and Byeon Woo-seok in the lead roles, the series will follow a young girl named Nam-soon and her immense strength being used for the good. The series is produced by JTBC and is distributed by Netflix.

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The series takes up the story of Bong-soon’s sixth cousin, Kang Nam-soon (Lee Yoo-mi) who has similar strength to her cousin. After getting lost in Magnolia, Nam-soon returns to South Korea to find her family. She successfully finds her mother (Kim Jung-eun) and grandmother (Kim Hae-sook) but little does she know, the trio are in for a big treat.

Lee Yoo-mi made it big after her pivotal role in Squid Game (2021). She was last seen in All of Us Are Dead (2022). Kim Jung-eun’s last ventures are Missing: The Other Side (2020-2023) and DNA Mate (since 2022). Kim Hae-sook’s latest work was Revenant (2023). Speaking of Ong Seong-wu, he was last seen in the movie Starlight Falls (2023) while Byeon Woo-seok’s latest project was Soulmate (2023).

– Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Contains Spoilers –

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Recap

After looking at Nam-soon’s face, Bong-go agrees to take her passport size photo. He feels a connection with her but before he can confirm she is Nam-soon, she leaves after learning her passport has been found. At the police station when Hee-sik asks her about pressing charges on the scammer, a woman barges in and charges Nam-soon for assaulting her husband at the park. Nam-soon agrees that she indeed hurt the man since he was trying to attack her friends. Hee-sik doesn’t believe a petite girl like her could have caused so much damage.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Still 1
A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

After Nam-soon leaves, Hee-sik joins his fellow officers who watch the viral video of Nam-soon carrying a whole tree with her hands. Hee-sik gets baffled. At the party, Geum-ju meets Ryu Shi-o (she’s unaware of his involvement in the drug business). Back in their home, Hwa-ja brings in her thug friends and holds a party. She mentions to her friends that she has found a possible Nam-soon and that they will have to kill her so she can remain at the house as the daughter.

Joong-gan goes to the police station to clear off a case and she meets Bong-soon and her husband Min-hyuk. Bong-soon is the relative of Joong-gan, and the women of their family share similar strengths. Bong-go asks his son to read tarot cards since he believes the girl he saw was Nam-soon. When his son reads, he says Nam-soon is coming to them very soon.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Hee-sik and his fellow cop check out a victim’s house and learn she has also consumed the same drug. He struggles to understand how the drug was carried to them. He finds a mask at her place and takes it along with him. Later in the episode, he finds that the mask is the drug. When Hee-sik goes to Nam-soon’s ger, he receives a phone call from an official who sends him a list of missing children. Hee-sik learns that Nam-soon is the daughter of the famous businesswoman Geum-ju and Bong-go.

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Hwa-ja and the other thugs destroy the ger. Nam-soon immediately attacks them and Hwa-ja watches with fear from a distance. She escapes after seeing the police come. Hee-sik looks at Nam-soon’s strength and gets fascinated by her. Nam-soon’s two vagrant friends leave to find a new home. Hee-sik takes Nam-soon to his house and gives her his shirt to change.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Still 5
A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

He calls Geum-ju and informs her about Nam-soon. After Nam-soon finishes washing herself, Hee-sik tells her about how her mother conducted a contest and fell for the trap of an imposter. Back at Geum-ju’s house, Hwa-ja overhears the conversation and gets scared. Geum-ju informs Bong-go about Nam-soon, making him cry happily.

In the morning, both Geum-ju and Nam-soon prepare to meet each other. On her way to see her mother, Nam-soon notices a building that’s caught fire. She immediately risks her life to save the kids inside. At the same time, Geum-ju uses her strength to move the vehicles so the firetruck can go. Geum-ju goes towards the building and sees her daughter. When she tries to save Nam-soon, a machine blows off causing Nam-soon to fall down. Geum-ju catches her daughter and the episode ends.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Still 6
A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review

The cameo by Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young was so unexpected! They hardly got 10 minutes but with just that they made the entire episode wholesome. The Park-Park couple’s chemistry is still off the chart and both of them looked stunning as usual. It’s clever how they pulled in the main leads of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon to successfully captivate the viewers.

Nam-soon is such a cute character and it’s nice that she finally found her family. Hee-sik is already in love with Nam-soon and it’s going to be a lovely journey to watch them both spend their time together. More of Geum-ju and Bong-go’s romance must be explored because their comedic nature is one of the series’ highlights.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 3 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Strong Girl Nam-soon is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comment section.

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