Superman Admits How He Really Sees Black Adam (After He Left the Justice League)


  • Superman still believes that Black Adam has the potential to be a hero, despite the controversy surrounding his membership in the Justice League.
  • Despite Black Adam’s past actions and criticisms, Superman refuses to give up on him and wants to believe in his redemption.
  • Superman’s decision to invite Black Adam onto the Justice League was based on his belief in the power of giving second chances and helping villains find a better path.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superman: Lost #8!Now that Black Adam is no longer with the Justice League, Superman is revealing how he really feels about his controversial choice. After experiencing a harrowing event, the Man of Steel reaches out to the Former Champion of Shazam to ask for advice and reveals his surprising thoughts on Black Adam’s tenure as a hero.

In Superman: Lost #8 by Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan, Superman is still having a hard time adjusting to the world after he was lost in space for two decades. He seeks out Black Adam and asks him if he knows how to locate an alien world Superman was forced to abandon.

Black Adam Team Up Superman DC

Unfortunately, Black Adam doesn’t have an answer for Superman. But as he departs, Superman tells Black Adam’s human side Theo that Clark supported Adam joining the Justice League because Superman believed the antihero was good and still has the potential to be. Even Black Adam is shocked that Superman is still trying to redeem him.

Superman Still Thinks Black Adam Can Be a Hero

Superman Believes in Black Adam DC

Superman shocked both his allies and fans everywhere by inviting Black Adam to join the Justice League. Despite the protests of his friends, Clark believed the fallen Champion just needed a chance to prove himself. And to his credit, Black Adam did rise to the occasion, following the regulations of the League and even mentoring the young hero Naomi. However, as time went on, Black Adam began to slip back into his old ways. After Adam murdered a fighter pilot in Kahndaq, Steel and Martian Manhunter put him through a simulation to evaluate his fitness for the League, a test the antihero failed.

Superman got a lot of criticism for his decision to bring Black Adam to the Justice League. And Adam only proved his critics right by backsliding into the behaviors that heroes said disqualified him from League membership. But the thing about Superman is that he never gives up on people and wants to believe in the best of everyone. While Black Adam’s recent miniseries explored the idea that there isn’t redemption in his future, Superman refuses to accept that and thinks that he was right to give Adam a chance to be a hero.

Superman Inviting Black Adam Onto the Justice League Was a Good Decision

Black Adam in Justice League DC

Superman knows that changing the world for the better requires more than defeating villains. The heroes of the world have to be willing to extend a hand to the villains and show them a better way. Was Superman’s offer to Black Adam unconventional? Absolutely. But that small act gave Adam the chance to prove he could become a better person and for a while he was. Sure, Adam faltered, but Superman knows that with enough time, effort and support from others, Black Adam can find his way into the light permanently.

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