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Supporting Actors In “A Killer Paradox” Bamboozle Viewers With Their Resemblances

Dwelling » Supporting Actors In “A Killer Paradox” Bamboozle Viewers With Their Resemblances

The 2 supporting actors in Netflix‘s new Okay-Drama, A Killer Paradox, are going viral for being AI-level “clones” of the male lead actor Son Suk Ku.

Actor Son Suk Ku in “A Killer Paradox” poster. | Netflix

A tweet, with 5.5M+ views, claimed how ecstatic the director should have been to find the kid actor on the suitable!

I wager the director went, ‘F*CK YEAH!’ as quickly as he noticed Son Suk Ku’s youngster actor.

— @loverdramas/Twitter

Baby actor Kang Jee Seok appeared in Episode 7 and Episode 8 as the center college model of Son’s character, Jang Nan Gam. Boasting the uncanniest resemblance to Son, Kang sparked fairly a little bit of confusion amongst viewers.

#AKillerParadox #Ep7 Jee Seok took on the function of “Younger Nan Gam” as the center college model of actor Son Suk Ku’s character.

— @Jeeseok_fm/Instagram

One other youngster actor, Jang Ji An, appeared because the youngest model of Son’s character and obtained much more consideration for being Son’s literal clone!

Actor Jang Ji An because the younger Jang Nan Gam. | Netflix

Because the lookalikes gained extra consideration, Son’s followers circulated precise childhood photographs of the actor…

Son Suk Ku’s childhood photograph. | theqoo

…stating as soon as once more how a lot resemblance the three of them share!

| theqoo
  • “The kid actors look AI-made due to how shut the resemblances are.”
  • Daebak! Haha.”
  • “Are we positive Son Suk Ku didn’t beginning them? LMAO.”
  • “It’s like Son Suk Ku from the previous traveled time.”
  • “Whoa… The three of them look a lot alike.”
  • “Wow, the resemblance is uncanny!”
  • “HUH?!”
  • “I might not be stunned if the three of them have been associated and hang around over the vacations. LOL.”
  • “Wow. I gasped out loud.”
  • “So the youthful variations weren’t CGI…?”
  • “Wow, haha.”
  • “WTF?! They appear precisely the identical! Like, I’ve seen so many instances when the kid actor appears just like the grown-up actor, however once they act in a scene collectively, the resemblance fizzles. However this…?! That is actual.”
  • “Even when the 2 youngster actors didn’t have any performing experiences, I’m positive the director would’ve made the casting occur. As a result of the resemblance is uncanny AF. Haha.”
  • “Wow. LMAO.”
  • “I see the resemblance for positive. Haha.”
  • “Whoa, what’s going on?! They appear the identical!”

A Killer Paradox premiered on February 9, 2024. Learn extra in regards to the thriller:

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