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Sydney Sweeney jokes about being a sex symbol in Hollywood: Oddly enough, a lot of my fans are men

Article—First-letter-highlighted”>The upcoming episode of ‘Saturday Night time Stay’ kicked off With a bang after Sydney Sweeney’s look In one of The promos. The actress will make her SNL debut this weekend, joined by musical visitor Kasey Musgraves.

In The phase, Sweeney jokes that her fan base Is largely male, flaunting her sense of humor and displaying her enthusiasm for The position she’s going to play on The present.

After forged member, Heidi Gardner, famous she was proud to face alongside such sturdy ladies, Sweeney could not assist however crack a joke.

“Love this group of three sturdy women,” Gardner says. “I wager so many ladies are going to tune In this week.”

Sweeney’s response: “Weirdly, a lot of my fans are men,” to Which Musgraves quips, “Hmmm, I’m wondering why.”

Sweeney’s joke about her male fan base Is a reference to her Image as a sex symbol, one thing The actress Has overtly addressed In The previous. All through her profession she Has excelled In roles that require nudity and sexualization. Nonetheless, quite than Fighting public notion, Sweeney Has spoken overtly about physique positivity and the way she finds empowerment In her place.

It Is one thing she Has talked about on many events: “I Have large breasts and I am blonde. It is The solely factor individuals see. I had breasts earlier than different ladies and I felt ostracized as a result of of that. Everybody Is going to have a look at my boobs with out appreciating The scene for what is going on on,” she defined In a 2023 interview With The Washington Post.


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Sydney Sweeney’s Filmography

  • ‘ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction’ – 2009

  • ‘The Opium Eater’ – 2010

  • ‘The Ward’ – 2010

  • ‘Spiders 3D’ – 2013

  • ‘Angels In Stardust’ – 2014

  • ‘Held’ – 2015

  • ‘Love Made Seen’ – 2015

  • ‘The Martial Arts Child’ – 2015

  • ‘The Unborn’ – 2015

  • ‘Stolen From Suburbia’ – 2015

  • ‘Cassidy Method’ – 2016

  • ‘The Horde’ – 2016

  • ‘Vikes’ – 2017

  • ‘Lifeless Ant’ – 2017

  • ‘It Occurred Once more Final Night time’ – 2017

  • ‘Relentless’ – 2018

  • ‘Inform Me Your Title’ – 2018

  • ‘Below The Silver Lake’ – 2018

  • ‘Large Time Adolescence’ – 2019

  • ‘Clementine’ – 2019

  • ‘As soon as Upon a Time In Hollywood’ – 2019

  • ‘Nocturne’ – 2020

  • ‘The Voyeurs’ – 2021

  • ‘Night time Tooth’ – 2021

  • ‘Actuality’ – 2023

  • ‘Americana’ – 2023

  • ‘Anybody However You’ – 2023

  • ‘Madame Web‘ – 2024

  • ‘Immaculate’ – Unknown


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