Talk To Me hits Netflix but US audiences disappointed while others wait for sequel

Is Talk To Me on Netflix in the US?

No, Netflix was not added to Netflix in the US but it became available as part of the UK streaming selection on Thursday, October 26th 2023.

“I just knew I was about to watch Talk to Me on Netflix tonight and that mf only for the UK,” one fan from the US recently complained on Twitter/X.

“I thought Talk To Me was supposed to be streaming on Netflix today?” a confused viewer asked in confusion.

“When is Talk to Me available for US customers?” another disappointed fan asked the streamer.

Those in the States continue to voice their dismay with the streaming mix-up, while those in the UK have favorably compared the A24 horror to Ari Aster’s modern classic Hereditary.

“I watched Talk to Me on Netflix last night,” a fan began tweeting. “In my honest opinion, quite possibly the best horror film since Hereditary.” Echoing this, one added “Talk To ME is out today on Netflix and it is PHENOMENAL. Reminded me of seeing Hereditary for the first time, just as shocking, just as special.”

As good an endorsement for a genre film as any, this viewer weighed in “Well I just climbed up the sofa screaming at the horror film ‘Talk To Me’ on Netflix so I guess that’s a recommendation.”

Where is Talk To Me streaming in the US and UK?

Although Talk To Me isn’t available on US Netflix, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video with the rental price from just $4.99.

No release date for Netflix US has been confirmed.

Meanwhile, UK audiences can find it on Netflix or purchase it to stream on Amazon from £9.99.

Is Talk To Me getting a sequel?

Yes, a sequel to the 2023 hit horror film already has a sequel in production. The co-director’s teased this during an interview with Deadline ahead of the confirmation.

“Because I was writing it for so long and we were redrafting and redrafting,” Danny began, “you just can’t help but start writing other scenes, scenes of different people experiencing the hands, continuing on these characters’ story.”

He added “So, there’s scenes for a sequel, yeah. And if A24 want it, I’ll bloody give it to them.”

After box-office triumph and praise from both critics and general audiences, A24 certainly did want it.


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