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Taylor Swift ‘1989’ vault puzzle not working for some, Google aware & looking into it


Taylor Swift recently partnered with Google that has fans from all around the world solve the vault puzzle.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the reimagined version of Swift’s iconic album ‘1989’. However, the release comes with an unexpected twist – a complex puzzle requirement to unlock the album’s vault.


This hunt has left some fans scratching their heads and has even caused technical issues for others.

Taylor Swift ‘1989’ vault puzzle not working

To unlock the reimagined album, Taylor Swift and her team have devised a puzzle that requires fans to solve 33 million puzzles collectively.

However, some fans have reported difficulties accessing and solving the puzzles. You can check out some reports below for reference.

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omg she’s making this extra hard because the speak now vault never happened😭😭


To participate, fans simply needed to enter ‘Taylor Swift’ into Google search, and a puzzle will appear. But as per the reports, it is not appearing or is even missing for multiple fans.

Some users have taken to social media to express their frustrations. They speculate that Google’s servers might be overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of searches related to Taylor Swift.

Google is aware

Fortunately, Google has taken notice of the growing worries and is aggressively investigating the problem. They have reassured fans that they are dedicated to making sure that everyone has a positive experience.


In conclusion, what was supposed to be a fun and engaging event, sadly ended up being conflicting. But there is still hope as Google is actively investigating the issues.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the latest developments and update the article accordingly.

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Featured image source: Google

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