Texas Judge Orders Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones To Undergo A Paternity Test

A Texas Judge has ordered Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to undergo a paternity test as part of a lawsuit in which a 27-year-old woman said that the billionaire is her biological father. The judge on Wednesday turned down a plea from Jones, which referred to a separate 2022 ruling in a paternity case filed by Alexandra Davis, in which she alleged that she was conceived from a relationship Jones had with her mother in the mid-1990s. Jones’s lawyers had challenged the constitutional validity of the Texas law which compelled the genetic testing of Jones.

Alexandra Davis, in March 2022, filed a lawsuit in Dallas County against Jerry Jones, pleading for the annulment of a legal agreement between her mother, Cynthia Davis, and Jones two years prior to her birth. The agreement reached between Davis and Jones required the latter to financially support the former as long as they did not publicly say that Jones was Alexandra’s father. Jones is already married and has denied any such agreement.

Alexandra Davis dropped the case a month later and stated that she will instead seek to prove that Jones is her father. She soon filed the paternity case. Jones is married to Gene since 1963 and has three children. Jerry Jones, 81, is the team president and general manager of the Cowboys, and all his children hold different positions in the club.

The original lawsuit details how Jones “pursued” Cynthia Davis, who was also married at the time, after they met while she was working for American Airlines out of Little Rock, Arkansas. The agreement envisaged Jones paying Cynthia Davis $375,000. The agreement also required Jones to pay Alexandra Davis a monthly annual and special fund till she reached 21, as well as a lump sum amount when she turned 24, 26, and 28.

Jones’s lawyers have said that Alexandra Davis has received “millions of dollars” from Jones in her lifetime, according to court documents.

After Jones was ordered by the court to submit to DNA testing, Davis’s lawyer Kris Hayer said, “Alex is in a position where she really no longer has to hide her truth or live under the thumb of fear, and maybe she’s going to finally get some peace, and we hope other families will have that same benefit from the judge following the law.”

Alexandra grew up in North Texas and was taken care of by her mother, Cynthia. The mother and daughter, also known as Cindy and Alex, also appeared in the third season of the Dallas reality TV show Big Rich Texas, where Cynthia was introduced as a single mother.

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