The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023


Uncommon Goods is essentially your one-stop shop for all things unique and artfully created and has some of the best gifts for everyone in your life, regardless of the occasion.

Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your wife or your husband (or, anyone on your list for that matter), Uncommon Goods has you covered.

Even better, you’ll find a suite of personalized options to add a bit more jazz to your otherwise ordinary gift.

What’s more, Uncommon Goods curates specific online shops for your budget. Take a look below for a quick-shop list of gifts based on how much you’d like to spend, taking you right to the correct section of UG’s website:

Last but not least, find our picks for the best gifts you can pick up from Uncommon Goods. From unique glasses to make-your-own food kits, you’ll certainly have fun shopping.ML

Uncommon Goods

Hey sports fans. This is a great gift for any baseball fans who also like a warm head in the winter. Pick their favorite team and then a beanie will be crafted using the strings found inside a vintage MLB baseball from that team.

History by Mail Subscription
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 46

As a unique gift for the history buff, this History by Mail Subscription will deliver noteworthy pieces from back in time, like Rosa Parks’ police report when she refused to give up her seat, Albert Einstein’s correspondence with FDR and more.

Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 47

We’ve been hearing about this Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit everywhere, and it’s a sweet gift for anyone who appreciates a fresh and beautiful home space. Plus, it’s less than $50.

Outdoor Beer Table
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 48

Unique and great for outdoor hangouts, the Outdoor Beer Table is a genius way to conveniently store beer for two, along with a plate for snacks in the middle. We haven’t seen anything quite like it, and it’s by far one of the most homeowner-appropriate gifts we found.

Wedding Keepsake Library
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 49

Perfect for the newlyweds in your life, this thoughtful and organized method to house memories from the big day is one of our favorites in this edit. Not to mention, it’s great to pair with our favorite wedding registry items.

Countertop Citrus Juicer
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 50

For the person on your list who wants to experiment with homemade juices, this Countertop Citrus Juicer is slim, is an artful home accent and perfectly does the job of squeezing fresh produce.

For more options, check out our guide to the best juicers we reviewed.

What I Love About You by Me Book
The 20 best gifts from Uncommon Goods to shop in 2023 51

For $10, snag this picture-perfect “What I Love About You by Me” Book. It’s great for anyone on your list this holiday season (hint, hint: stocking stuffer), and is a cheesy (but sweet) gift they’ll treasure forever.

Four shirts in a pile with pet faces
Uncommon Goods

This gift is a heartfelt one for any pet parent. If your recipient has a dog or a cat, simply upload a photo and the artists at Uncommon Goods with embroider their likeness on a cozy shirt.

The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook
Uncommon Goods

For the wanderlust seeker you know, shop The Adventure Challenge Scrapbook. Filled with wild scratch-off adventure ideas (50, to be exact), you’ll be creating memories in no time. Not to mention, the book serves as your documentation.

Book Nook Reading Valet
Uncommon Goods

We already want the Book Nook Reading Valet because, after all, it’s the most unique nightstand topper we’ve seen. Never lose your page with this premium wooden designed piece, and appreciate carved-out spots to hold your glasses and mug.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer
Uncommon Goods

We’ve previously gifted our loved ones with the Create Your Own Reel Viewer —a nostalgic keepsake that you can personalize before checkout. It’s the grown-up version of your favorite childhood gadget, too, and it’s simple to piece together. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a redemption code to create your reel.

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board
Uncommon Goods

For the charcuterie lover, you can’t go wrong with the Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board. It makes an excellent gift for less than $100 and has all the appetizer-serving potential out there. Not only that, but you may want to pair this gift with some of the best wine glasses we rounded up for something extra.

For more options, check out our expert-backed guide to the best charcuterie boards.

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game
Uncommon Goods

Ideal for family game night, the Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game is customized gift that everyone will appreciate. Not only will it look good on your coffee table but it creates a new rainy day activity (#score).

Little Cat Snack Dishes — Set of 6
Uncommon Goods

For the cat lover you know, you can’t shy away from the Little Cat Snack Dishes. With this set of six, you’ll make your gift recipient *very* happy when they realize they can watch their favorite Netflix show while eating treats off of these whisker-painted beauties.

Crossbody Water Bottle Bag
Uncommon Goods

Much like your favorite crossbody phone bag or sling bag, the Crossbody Water Bottle Bag is a premium, tufted option that’s easy to carry and will come in handy when you’re on the go. Made perfect for the outdoorsy guy or gal, simply because it’s a tried-and-true essential.

Gardener's Harvest Basket
Uncommon Goods

The Gardener’s Harvest Basket makes a lovely, unique gift for anyone who tends to their backyard garden and wants to feel like a million bucks when they pick their fresh carrots and tomatoes from the vine. The best part? Personalization is available on its wooden sides.

Pickles Playing Pickleball Sweatshirt
Uncommon Goods

We couldn’t resist. There simply are no words, but what we’ll say is this: if your gift recipient is obsessed with pickleball, this has to be the best option (obviously).

Pistachio Pedestal
Uncommon Goods

Perfect for the hostess, the Pistachio Pedestal is one of our favorites on this list and will come in handy when serving those treasured shell-surrounding nuts (finally — a place for the shells and the nuts themselves so there aren’t any messes on the table). And yes, we have one ourselves.

Personalized M is for Me Book
Uncommon Goods

Whether you’re shopping for a one-year-old or four-year-old, the Personalized M is for Me Book is a nursery or playroom staple and one they’ll love. Not to mention, you can add a note on the inside cover for a more personalized touch.

City Skyline Beer Glasses — Set of 2
Uncommon Goods

The City Skyline Beer Glasses is the dynamic duo that the beer lover you know will surely appreciate. Bonus points if he or she has their own apartment in the city (because who doesn’t love an on-point gift?)

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