The Best An-an Lee Build (Psychubes & Team Comp)

An-an Lee is a dynamic support character in Reverse 1999 whose build allows her to fit into a wide range of team comps. This ghost-busting Plant Arcanist provides mass DMG buffs and alternates between Break Time and Exorcism Time. Break Time reduces her DMG Taken while Exorcism Time boosts her DMG and Penetration Rate.



Mastering An-an’s play style requires paying special attention to Break Time and Exorcism Time. Her ability to temporarily level up her Incantations provides excellent DMG and buff potential as she exorcises the field of all enemies. While she may not outshine other supports in stats, she outclasses them in her sheet amount of skills.

The Best Psychubes For An-an Lee

Brave New World's official art in Reverse 1999

An-an Lee is constantly in a buffed state thanks to her Insight One passive. This makes her a perfect fit for any Psychubes with Amplifications centered around Positive Statuses or boosted stats. Sadly, as of Reverse 1999‘s global launch, there are no Psychubes that fit this category. As time goes on, keep an eye out for any Psychubes with a Positive Status trigger. Those Psychubes will likely fit An-an better than the following options.

Brave New World works well for An-an if you want to build on her Ultimate, Scientific Ghost Buster, and reap the rewards of her various buffs. If you equip Brave New World at Level 60, An-an will get an 18% Ultimate Might bonus, improving her DMG against all enemies.

Once An-an uses Scientific Ghost Buster, the next Incantation she casts will get a 40% Incantation Might bonus. Before casting an Incantation, check what phase An-an is in and see which Incantations have an extra star from Exorcism Time or Empower Incantation I, the Ultimate’s special status.

If you would rather increase An-an’s chances of survival and give her some extra utility, Her Second Life is another satisfactory 6-Star Psychube for An-an to wield. Her Second Life comes in with up to a 10% ATK bonus and a special healing Amplification centered around ATK. Once An-an casts her UItimate, she can heal the entire team for up to 64% of her ATK.

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His Bounden Duty is a useful alternate for Her Second Life, although it requires An-an to last-hit enemies rather than her main DPS. If An-an manages to defeat an enemy, she can heal herself by up to 120% of her ATK. This is twice the healing of Her Second Life, but focused solely on An-an. His Bounden Duty gives An-an some help when it comes to defeating enemies by giving her a 12% DMG bonus. Since this bonus can apply to any attacks, An-an is more likely to trigger this Psychube’s Amplification.

If you need a 5-Star Psychube option for An-an in Reverse 1999, The Footloose is the way to go. This Psychube provides both a general DMG boost and a focused improvement for Scientific Ghost Buster. At Level 60, The Footloose has a 15% Ultimate Might bonus. Meanwhile, if An-an attacks a target with more than 50% HP left, she gets up to a 16% DMG bonus. This doesn’t work well for boss battles but is effective in combat with multiple enemies.

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The Best Team Comps For An-an Lee

An-an is such a well-designed character in Reverse 1999 that she can make most team comps work. Her excellent versatility is part of why she is such a high-ranked character in the game. That being said, her specific kit shines best when she’s on a team that greatly benefits from having their stats boosted.

One main DPS who greatly needs An-an’s buffs is Charlie, the 5-Star performer with a Star Afflatus who deals Mental DMG. Charlie’s attack Incantation, Thunder To Thee!, gets a DMG bonus when Charlie has boosted stats or a Positive Status, but Charlie lacks the ability to give herself these statuses. Luckily, An-an can slip in and help her out. An-an’s buff, Lily Nectar, lasts two rounds, giving Charlie ample time to cast Thunder to Thee!.

Druvis III is another main DPS who gets special bonuses when she has boosted stats. You’ll need to get Druvis III to Insight One to use this bonus, but she’s worth the investment. With Insight One, if Druvis III has boosted stats (such as those from Lily Nectar), she deals 20% more DMG. This is a huge advantage that brings her DMG up to great levels. Although her Petrify status doesn’t synergize well with An-an’s Reality DMG, they still make a great team.

Part of An-an’s appeal is that she can easily support the best main DPS characters in the game. For example, if you pair An-an with Centurion from Reverse 1999, you’ll transform Centurion from a legend to a demigod among your characters. Her incredible critical stats, combined with a strong Moxie-based bonus system, make her a DPS for every occasion. An-an’s buffs will only improve her fantastic kit.

If you pair An-an with Centurion, try to give An-an Her Second Life as a Psychube to help keep Centurion alive.

Moving onto survival-oriented characters in Reverse 1999, Tennant is one of the few survival characters who has a useful enough attack to benefit from An-an’s help. Tennant’s Reality DMG debuff works well for a combat-oriented An-an play style while An-an’s buff encourages Tennant’s attacks. Tennant’s shield may not be able to heal An-an, but she has enough Psychube options with healing Amplifications that this isn’t a deal-breaker for her.

Dikke from Reverse 1999 also has some DPS qualities that pair well with An-an while also healing the team. You’ll have to reserve Dikke’s healing Incantation for when at least one teammate is below 50% HP, but she can fill the time with a few useful attacks that only grow stronger with An-an’s help. Dikke can help her team and keep herself safe with her Negative Status purifying Ultimate.

At the end of the day, An-an’s team comps don’t matter as much as you may think because she’s such a strong unit. An-an’s versatile, punchy nature makes her a must-have support character in Reverse 1999.

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