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The Birth of the Electric Honda S2000 is Getting Closer

Exciting news awaits Honda enthusiasts as rumors about the revival of the legendary Honda S2000 are gaining momentum, coinciding with Honda’s forthcoming 75th-anniversary celebrations. The possibility of this comeback is not far-fetched, considering that the original S2000 was introduced during Honda’s 50th anniversary, a quarter of a century ago. Speculations are rife that Honda has something extraordinary in store for its avid fans.

As per the latest reports from the reputable Young Machine Car Magazine, Honda is set to astonish the world with the launch of a new electric sports car later this year. The upcoming model will incorporate the innovative e:N design arrangement, featuring an electric motor placed at the rear, promising a thrilling driving experience.

Moreover, there are strong indications that Honda might introduce the highly-anticipated Type R variant for their EV sports car.

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Contrary to popular belief, Type R, renowned for its racing prowess, is not limited to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles only, as confirmed by Kotaro Yamamoto from Honda. This suggests that the Type R could potentially be a remarkable addition to the world of electric vehicles.

While details remain sparse, Honda previously captivated us with the introduction of two intriguing EV concept models, along with its ambitious plan to launch 30 electric vehicle models before 2030. Back then, specific information about the special model was not provided, leaving fans curious and excited. As Honda’s flagship model is the NSX, all signs point to the possibility of the special model being the iconic S2000, not the Honda BR-V.

If the rumors turn out to be true, the electric S2000 will face fierce competition from other sports models also making their debut, including the Porsche 718 Boxster EV.

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