The Black Book Review: Nigerian Film Depicting the Strength of A Father’s Will


Netflix is here with a Nigerian action thriller The Black Book bringing us the story of a man who wants one thing, to clear his son’s name. Directed by Editi Effiong, the movie stars Richard Mofe-Damijo in the lead role alongside Ade Laoye, Sam Dede, Alex Usifo Omiagbo, Shaffy Bello, Kelechi Udegbe, and other cast members.

The film depicts the story of a man, Paul Edima, who returns to the world of crime and chaos when his son is framed and killed in order to hide the crimes of another. Now, with a wish to clear his son’s name and give him a burial, Paul takes on the role of uprooting the powerful figures in the crime world.

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Netflix’s synopsis of the film reads:

When a deacon’s son dies, he reverts to his past as a man “trained by the best to do the worst and feel the least” in pursuit of vigilante justice.

-The Black Book Review Contains No Spoiler-

The Black Book tells the story of Paul Edima who seems like a regular guy at the beginning of the film with a normal life, however, he is surely not as simple as he seems. The film begins with chaos taking place on the streets of Nigeria as one person holds power over the terrorists and police.

The film tries to show a social situation in the country while trying to keep the entertainment with the help of our main character whose tragedy begins the action-packed adventure awaiting him. Bringing in the reality that the country is facing right from scene one, the film has done really well in this aspect, but when it comes to the adventure part, it can seem quite repeated for action lovers.

The Black Book Review
The Black Book still

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The realistic aspect of the film is undeniable, however, the fictional part may seem like a one-time watch for many. However, the actors have played their characters really well which only brings the realism to another level. Be it the protagonist or the side characters, everyone has done quite a good job in the film.

The sense of breaking one’s silence and bringing justice to many is heard loud and clear in the film. Along with this, the guilt and repentance of Paul are also very evident which makes us sympathise with him in many ways. Altogether, Paul is a very well-planned character with a good story and has been a joy to watch in this film.

The Black Book Review
The Black Book still

Meanwhile, the cinematography of the film is like a cherry on the cake which smoothly captures the scenes and situations. Overall, the action thriller may not make you wish to rewatch the film, however, the way this film captures a certain social situation is something that you cannot miss.

Summing Up: The Black Book Review

A one-time watch for those who want action-thriller entertainment, but The Black Book holds the potential to be something more who don’t just look at the entertainment aspect. The film holds the bitter truth of the world and the hierarchy that is invisible but exists silently, leading the future to more chaos. It fills you up with a sense of justice that is felt by some of the characters in the movie and makes you want to know more.

Altogether, the film won’t leave you utterly disappointed but will give you a good lesson and show you the real cruelty that lies in the world.

Watch The Black Book on Netflix.

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