The Coven in Sex Education season 4 has got nothing on the Untouchables


Sex Education is back on Netflix for season 4 and the new installment introduces several new characters including the popular group known as the Coven.

Season 4 of Sex Education is finally here, bringing plenty of new characters to the Netflix series as Otis and Eric find themselves at a new school in the form of Cavendish College following the closure of Moordale. The move allows the duo to rethink their place in the social food chain which puts Eric on the radar of the popular group called the Coven.

What is the Coven in Sex Education season 4?

The Coven is a group of three students at Cavendish College who are the new school’s equivalent of the Untouchables.

However, rather than being a popular ‘mean girl’ clique, the members of the Coven attribute their popularity to being open, kind and positive about those around them.

The arrival at a new school gives Eric in particular a chance to reinvent himself and after suffering years of bullying at Moordale, Cavendish offers him the opportunity to be one of the school’s popular kids.

Eric’s wish is granted when he is invited into the Coven, allowing him to be more out and proud than he’s ever been.

Alexandra James as Aisha, Felix Mufti as Roman and Anthony Lexa as Abbi sat together in Sex Education season 4
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Meet the group’s members

The Coven is made up of three members, their leader Abbi, Roman and Aisha.

Played by Anthony Lexa, Abbi is the queen bee of Cavendish College. She’s trans, has a disliking of negativity and her confident, sunny and magnetic personality makes her the envy of the school as fellow students either want to be like her or be friends with her. Like Eric, Abbi is also Christian which helps them to bond after Moordale’s former students arrive on campus.

Joining Abbi in the Coven is her power-couple boyfriend Roman, portrayed by Felix Mufti. Roman is often goofy but is a great listener. He is trans-masculine and has received plenty of support from his wealthy family who have helped him to access gender-affirming healthcare when needed.  

And finally, there is Aisha, played by Alexandra James. Aisha is deaf and while she may be a beloved student across campus, she feels embarrassed to ask for the accommodations to help her in the classroom, leaving her trying to get by without drawing attention to her disability. Aisha loves to gossip, which sometimes puts her at odds with Abbi, while the arrival of Cal at Cavendish catches her eye.

Anthony Lexa as Abbi looking puzzled in Sex Education season 4
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Sex Education’s the Coven has got nothing on the Untouchables

While the Coven may be the popular group at Cavendish, their open and accepting attitude could lead to a curious new dynamic in season 4.

As Moordale’s Untouchables – made up of Ruby, Olivia and Anwar after Aimee left the group – were a ‘mean girl’ clique, they always provided a degree of conflict with their sarcastic comments and fashion-focused outlook.

But while there was often some bickering between them – most notably Olivia leaking an explicit photo via Ruby’s phone, leading to one of the best scenes of the show, “No, it’s my vagina” – there was always a strong bond between them.

A great example of their unbreakable bond came in season 3 when Olivia and Anwar were quick to defend Ruby after she and Otis broke up. Sadly, the Untouchables as we knew them are no more following Simone Ashley’s departure from Sex Education.

Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews, Simone Ashley as Olivia Hanan and Chaneil Kular as Anwar Bakshi standing by the lockers in Sex Education season 3
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With the Coven being popular for their kind and open attitude, it’ll be interesting to see if any conflict does arise between them in season 4 or if they share a similarly supportive relationship.

Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn has recently discussed this potential plot thread in an interview with The Guardian, saying that season 4 will explore the transgender experience and how transphobic discourse in areas of the media shapes that experience.

“In the conversations around trans politics, trans people are so often completely excluded from the conversation – so we really wanted to center trans voices,” she said. “To me, it felt really important to include Cal’s storyline; [given] some of the things that are happening globally at the moment, in terms of the attack on trans people – I would like to think that our show is as inclusive as it can be, [so] it felt really important that we tell that story.”

Alexandra James as Aisha, Felix Mufti as Roman and Anthony Lexa as Abbi standing next to a bike rack in Sex Education season 4
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Sex Education season 4 will arrive on Netflix on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

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