The Grimm Variations Review: A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

The Grimm Variations Review: A new Netflix anime based on the famous Grimm fairytales from our childhood is here, and I am thrilled to review it. Let us see how this anime fared compared to the already beloved stories. 

The Grimm Variations Overview

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In a whimsical reinterpretation of the classic Grimm fairy Tales, the timeless narratives, penned by the Brothers Grimm, we get a fresh perspective from Charlotte. As the narrative unfolds, the familiar stories take on unexpected shades, revealing layers unseen by her renowned brothers. 

Amidst this enchanting reimagining, a stellar cast lends their voices to the characters, including Misato Fukuen, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, and Kenji Nojima. 

The Grimm Variations Review A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

Guided by directors such as Yoko Kanamori and Yasuhiro Akamatsu, and supported by a talented team of writers, this reinterpretation promises to enchant audiences with its captivating storytelling. 

With original character designs by the CLAMP and character design by Naohiro Osugi, each section is a stunning homage to the special stories. We also get melodies of composers Akira Miyagawa and the meticulous animation of Wit Studio.

– The Grimm Variations Review Contains Minor Spoilers –

The Grimm Variations Review and Recap – Tales Beyond the Storybook

The Grimm Variations Review A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

Who doesn’t like the good old fairy tales? But, Fairy tales as anime, completely revamped and animated by Wit Studio? Count me in. The Grimm Variations is one of the best retellings of our beloved fairy tales that I have ever seen. It not only gives a new perspective to our childhood favourites but also manages to establish an originality that diverts from its source material while keeping the nostalgic essence intact.

The anime starts with the Grimm brothers preparing their draft for a fairy tale and being visited by their one and only sister, Charlotte. The story they are preparing is none other than Cinderella, whom we all know to be a diligent young woman, badly mistreated by her stepmother and sisters. But, does Charlotte see Cinderella the same way? Or perhaps she had ideas that were far more grim than what the Grimm brothers came up with.

The Grimm Variations Review A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

I like the fact that they kept the sibling relationships historically accurate, as the Grimm brothers indeed have one sister called Charlotte. But whether she actually had a different perspective of her brothers’ stories is something that we will never know. These three characters do not come in front of us that much, but they are the ones you see at the very beginning of each episode, setting the stage for what you will witness.

The stories individually are incredibly different and set in very different time frames. For example, the premise of Cinderella is set in either the Taisho era or the Showa era. Here, we see the happenings of a traditional Japanese household, where a respected Viscount marries a low-born geisha and brings in her two daughters for his beloved daughter Kiyoko.

The Grimm Variations Review A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

On the other hand, the next story based on Little Red Riding Hood is set in a dystopian future where you never know what is real and what is not. Here, you see actual reality getting blurred with augmented reality, where our Red Riding Hood is far from being just the prey.

The stories are very unique, and not once do you feel bored as every scene is unexpected. You might think that the storyline is going in one direction, but then suddenly, it takes another turn and goes to a completely different conclusion. The animation from WIt Studio is also beautiful and pristine. The Grimm brothers and their sister appear like they are in a painting, while the stories get clear animation. The music is also very intriguing and uses many classical pieces to portray the time and mood of the plot.

The Grimm Variations Review A Wildly Interesting Take On Classic Fairytales

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I absolutely loved this reimagination of the classic fairy tales. As these stories are very much known to us, it is very difficult to make new content out of them; but, the makers here managed to do it with flying colours. From the beginning to the end, you stay hooked and wonder what is going to happen, as nothing goes as planned or as per what you already know. 

The characters are very interesting, and even when you see them for roughly 30 minutes, you come to like, dislike or even fear them. If you are craving something new and exceptionally eccentric, this is definitely something that you must watch.

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