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The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Recap and Review: Seeking Safety in the Kidnapper


The Kidnapping Day (유괴의 날) is a comedy thriller Kdrama directed by Park Yoo-young and based on the novel of the same Korean name “Yugwaei Nal” by writer Jung Hae-yeon. The drama stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin-rok, Kim Sang-ho, and Seo Je-hee alongside other cast members.

The drama tells the story of a helpless father who accepts the idea of kidnapping a rich kid goes wrong when he finds out that the little one’s parents are dead. The little girl has already lost her memory due to an accident before her kidnapping and the man claims to be her father. However, the little girl soon uncovers his web of lies while he tries to investigate what really happened.

The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on ENA at the Wednesday-Thursday slot at 9:00 PM KST time slot previously occupied by Longing for YouThe Kidnapping Day episode 3 has a run time of 59 minutes.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A father turned clumsy kidnapper and a genius child working together to uncover the truth behind a series of murders and mysteries.

-The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Recap Contains Spoiler-

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 begins with Ro-hee confronting Myung-joon about her identity only to find out that she has been kidnapped by the man in front of her. She also finds out that her parents have been murdered and is stunned while suspecting Myung-joon who denies being part of any murder.

However, seeing the scared girl in front of him Myung-joon tells her that he will take her to the police station. On the way he tells her why he did what he did and upon reaching the nearest police station he finally lets go of Ro-hee. She heads towards the building but right then she turns to see an incoming police car and feels a rush of memories.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 still

She suddenly remembers the night of the murder when she was breathlessly trying to escape the house and saw a police car parked in her driveway. Knowing this, she soon makes her way back to Myung-joon who hasn’t gone too far. She tells about what happened and that he has to take responsibility for her as she is unsure whom to trust but him.

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Meanwhile, Sang-yoon cannot stop thinking about the footage that they have received as he notices that it was Ro-hee who pulled Myung-joon into running away from the officers. He wonders why she did that as well as Myung-joon’s behaviour when he rushed Ro-hee into the hospital.

The next day, the CCTV company employee and the doctor who gave their statements regarding the case seemed to be discussing something suspicious. Elsewhere, the hospital’s board of directors gathered to discuss what would happen to Choi Jin-tae’s property and who it would go to if the sole heir of the property- Ro-hee, is not found.

Unaware of all this, Ro-hee draws up a contract for Myung-joon to follow while she is with him and later finds out about his ex-wife’s involvement in the kidnapping. She then tells Myung-joon that they will be leaving to meet her and the two prepare to go to Seoul.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 still

On the other hand, Sang-yoon finds Myung-joon’s daughter and finds out that her 50 million Won worth of hospital bills had been paid some time back. While he suspects Myung-joon, he finds out that he too was as shocked as him when this happened. Right then, Sang-yoon gets to know that Myung-joon’s real residence has been found and they rush there to investigate.

Seeing that the house had been broken into, they suspect Myung-joon was the one who abused the child. They collect as much information as they can from the house, however, there’s someone who has been keeping an eye on the investigators near the house. Meanwhile, Myung-joon and Ro-hee are wandering near the railway station wondering how to get in without the officers noticing.

Ro-hee then gives him the idea to report themselves to the police and have the nearby officers distracted by this method. This plan works and the two are able to board the train before getting caught by the police. Sang-yoon continues to wonder about Ro-hee’s behaviour when he is given the bank statement of Myung-joon and Choi Tae-jin which makes him curious.

While one hardly has any money in his account, the other received about 10 million Won from five different people. Later, he sees the ruckus at the police station and finds out about the report before telling everyone that they have been fooled. The officers all rush to the railway station but are too late.

On the train, Ro-hee finds out more about Myung-joon’s life; on the other hand, the junkman finally breaks into Myung-joon’s house but is caught by a mysterious man. Later, he is tortured by the man who asks him about what he has been doing and why he tried to kidnap Ro-hee some time back.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 still

However, before the junkman can reveal anything he is killed. Sang-yoon and his team, meanwhile, find out how Ro-hee and Myung-joon escaped. Sang-yoon asks his superior to publicize the case so that they can catch Myung-joon and soon the news broadcast reveals the two faces everywhere.

However, this plan doesn’t work well as the police station begins to receive many prank calls and pressure from Ro-hee’s only remaining family, her father’s uncle, to stop publicizing the matter. Meanwhile, Sang-yoon gets in contact with one of the people who transferred money into Choi Tae-jin’s account and finds out about research that he had been conducting, but without any further details on the same.

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The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Ending

Back in Seoul, Myung-joon and Ro-hee wait for his ex-wife’s return in front of her house. They see her coming back and Ro-hee approaches the woman with confidence and curiosity. She asks Hye-eun about the reason why she targeted her to which the latter replies that her father would not report the incident as she had been abused by him.

Ro-hee scoffs at this and does not believe her words as she is aware of her father’s power and influence. Hye-eun is impressed by this and recalls the rumor of her being a genius which has been proved just now. Ro-hee tries to find out why she had been abused by her father if what Hye-eun said was true, but she gets no further information.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 still

Ro-hee continues to suspect Hye-eun of being the murderer but the latter tells her that she wouldn’t kill the source of money in this situation. Talking about money, Myung-joon asks Hye-eun about the hospital bills and finds out that she too had no idea about them being paid.

This leaves them confused but they do not continue the topic, however, Hye-eun is worried that the police will soon find out his history. Elsewhere, Sang-yoon finally finds out that Ro-hee is not hostile towards her kidnapper. But with this discovery, he receives information that Myung-joon had killed someone in the past.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 has stably moved the story further and got us caught up in a mysterious web that I want to unravel as soon as possible. The ups and downs in this episode along with the suspicious characters who are showing up is making up for an intriguing plot that comes along with some smooth and subtle comedy.

The episode has brought out new suspects and an itch to know what really happened to Ro-hee and about her father’s research. Speaking about his research, it looks like we can somehow lock down on the motive of the murder and it also seems like he has conducted experiments related to the same on Ro-hee.

Altogether, the following episodes are going to be a treat to watch and there’s no doubt about that.

Watch The Kidnapping Day on Prime Video.

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