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The Killing Vote Episode 7 Review and Recap: Past and Present Collide


The Killing Vote (국민사형투표) is a crime-thriller Korean drama series directed by Park Shin-woo, written by Jo Yoon-young and based on the webtoon of the same name by Uhm Se-yoon and Jung Yi-pum. The series stars Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong and Lim Ji-yeon in lead roles. The Killing Vote episode 7 has a runtime of 73 minutes.

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The Killing Vote Plot

The crime drama series follows a mysterious man who doles out punishment to the most heinous criminals in the country who fall through the cracks of the justice system. His M.O. includes sending a text message when a criminal doesn’t face justice and citizens over the age of 18 can vote on whether or not they should die. If the results in favour of punishment receive 50% or more votes, then this mysterious figure, who operates through the internet, shows the said criminal a taste of the consequences of their actions. With such a dangerous precedent being set, Kim Moo-chan, Kwon Seok-joo and Joo Hyeon get embroiled in a wild chase to figure out who the punisher is.

– The Killing Vote Episode 7 Review Contains Major Spoilers –

The Killing Vote Episode 7 Recap

The Killing Vote episode 7 starts with Seok-joo and Ji-young in a heated debate about whether or not the identities of criminals should be disclosed to the public. The incident clearly takes place years ago, considering Min-soo is still young and is a star-struck fan of the professor. Min-soo is clearly obsessed with Seok-joo and is unhappy with Na-rae, who takes away the professor’s attention from him. Young Min-soo continues to attend Seok-joo’s lectures, and his class popularity, too, seems to bring out Min-soo’s ire.

Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7

One night, Seok-joo’s dog goes missing, and he enquires from Min-soo whether he saw it or not. He catches the boy in a lie and starts to suspect that something is wrong with him, and Ji-young and her husband find the dog’s body buried in their house later on. It is revealed that there’s something wrong with Min-soo and that he habitually kills their own dogs. Unfortunately, Woo-taek is given the blame for the incident and is severely beaten up by Min-soo’s father.

However, Min-soo promises to take revenge on whoever tattled on him, and that’s how he probably murdered Na-rae. Meanwhile, Mu-chan tries his best to wrap up his ongoing case before focusing on Na-rae’s disappearance. Unfortunately, when the news of her death comes out, Mu-chan rushes to Seok-joo’s aide, but the professor is eventually arrested for murdering his own daughter. As his name gets drudged through the mud, Mu-chan tries his best to investigate the case.

Mu-chan finds proof of Woo-taek’s involvement, having found a video of him taking Na-rae away. Plus, he also suspects Min-soo, having seen his smug face at the crime scene. While he tries to find clues, Ji-young tries her best to use her power and influence to divert attention towards Seok-joo. Either way, Min-soo gives a witness statement not long afterwards and tells the police that he saw Woo-taek coming back home with the pink bag. However, it just makes Mu-chan even more suspicious of Min-soo, but he simply doesn’t have the evidence to prove it.

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Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7

He then makes the plan to frame Min-soo by planting the evidence, but that proves to be disastrous as it is proven to be false in court and with Woo-taek showing his wound off, things just go against them. Woo-taek is declared to be innocent, and Ji-young slaps Mu-chan afterwards for daring to go after her son. The next day, Seok-joo apologises to Woo-taek for the police’s brutality and in return, he lets him listen to a voice note of Na-rae telling Woo-taek that she misses him, proving that he had promised to take her back to her father if she said this.

Seeking revenge, Seok-joo covers up his daughter’s furniture and goes forward with murdering Woo-taek that night. On the day he is being taken away, we see Hyun protesting outside the courtroom, asking for justice for her parents’ murderer. Mu-chan is shocked to see Min-soo outside the courtroom, looking at Seok-joo with glee as Jin-soo lets him know that Woo-taek’s parents committed suicide.

Back in the present, Seok-joo comes face to face with Min-soo as everyone looks at each other in shock. As Mu-chan takes Seok-joo inside, Hyun takes a video of the entire scene. Later on, after the police take Ji-hoon’s testimony about Captain Oh’s death, they talk to Min-soo as well. Mu-chan comes in for the interview, and Min-soo makes it a point to poke at him about fabricating evidence and beating people up. The detective doesn’t take it seriously, though and asks him, in turn, whether he killed Na-rae.

On the other hand, Ji-hoon rushes around the police precinct in search of something but is caught by Hyun, who takes him to their school to break into the computer lab for something. Ji-hoon realises that they suspect Min-soo of being Gaetal and helps her to hack the computer and get any evidence possible. They find the video of Mu-chan getting out of Uhm Eun-Kyung’s burning car in the computer but don’t find anything that directly links him to being the vigilante.

Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 7

Meanwhile, Mu-chan and Seok-joo discuss Min-soo involvement in everything, including being Gaetal, and Seok-joo tells him that he always felt something was off about him. He mentions that it is sad that he didn’t realise that Min-soo just wanted to know whether Seok-joo figured out how he committed the murder of their dog – a typical murderer’s mind. Afterwards, Mu-chan asks Seok-joo whether he ever talked to the child he was going to adopt during that time and whether he had any communication with him.

Ji-hoon remembers how kind Nae-rae was to him and his connection with her. As it turns out, it was Ji-hoon whom Seok-joo was about to adopt, and he saw Seok-joo killing Woo-taek. Just as he’s remembering his past, Min holds an umbrella over his head as it rains, and he remembers Na-rae doing the same for him and smiles at Min.

The Killing Vote Episode 7 Review

Although the first half of the episode felt like a drag because the series has been quite clear about what happened 15 years ago so stitching all those scenes together and giving us a comprehensive rundown seemed a bit irrelevant, the second half is quite interesting, with new information coming out that makes this game more complicated. Ji-hoon’s storyline seems more believable now, considering he has been seemingly popping up everywhere all the time. Now things make more sense.

That being said, Mu-chan seems to be no closer to getting the evidence necessary to bring Min-soo to justice. Now that we know who is whom, I am wondering what else is there to show us with 5 more episodes left to go. Either way, maybe they do have more secrets up their sleeves, and hopefully, they don’t drag the runtime to the ground, and things make sense in the grand scheme of everything.

The Killing Vote will air every week on SBS in Korea as well as on Amazon Prime Video in select regions.

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