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The Last of Us fans convinced Abby actress has been cast after Instagram follow spree


Fans of The Last of Us are convinced that actress Shannon Berry has been cast as Abby in season 2 after she followed several key accounts on Instagram

The HBO adaptation of The Last of Us turned heads when it announced Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as its lead actors in 2021 and now, fans of the series are getting hyped for another potential new addition as an Instagram following spree from actress Shannon Berry suggests to some that she’s been cast as Abby for season 2.

Shannon Berry’s Instagram hints at Abby casting

While neither HBO nor The Last of Us’ showrunners, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, have confirmed who’ll be playing Abby in season 2 just yet, some fans believe that the actress has already been cast.

The belief stems from a number of online leaks as well as the Instagram account of one of the actresses who has been heavily linked with the role, Shannon Berry.

Among the 773 accounts she currently follows are Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Neil Druckmann, Kathleen actress Melanie Lynskey and the official account for The Last of Us series.

Of course, this could simply be because Shannon is a fan of the series and its actors, or it could be a subtle hint at a future role.

Dot Campbell (Shannon Berry) kneeling on a beach in The Wilds
© Prime Video | Matt Klitscher

Fans discuss her potential casting as Abby

Despite the fact Shannon Berry has not been officially cast in The Last of Us, it hasn’t stopped fans from offering their opinions on her potentially getting the role.

One fan on Reddit commented: “Casting Abby is probably the hardest challenge of the series casting-wise, but she looks and acts the part. Just buff up a bit and done.”

This fan added: “I’ve been following her IG religiously looking for a gym post or a hint that she’s working out lol. That would confirm it for me.”

“Just looked her up and yeah, she definitely looks the part,” said another.

This fan echoed that sentiment: “Damn, she actually looks so much like Abby.”

“Will this finally be the end of ridiculous fan-casting posts?” asked another Reddit user. “Of course not, what am I thinking.”

And finally, this fan referenced one of Shannon Berry’s previous roles: “I liked her in The Wilds, wouldn’t hate it.”

Abby talking with Owen in The Last of Us Part 2
© Naughty Dog | PlayStation | YouTube

Shannon Berry’s acting career to date

Australian actress Shannon Berry may be a new name for many film and TV fans as she’s only been active in the industry since 2016.

She’s appeared in 12 film and TV roles in that time, notably featuring in the series Hunters, Offspring, The Housemate and Monday Night Menace as well as the films The Gateway and Slant.

Shannon is best known, however for her stint in the now-canceled Prime Video series, The Wilds, where she played regular cast member, Dot Campbell.

Dot Campbell (Shannon Berry) leaning against a tree in The Wilds
© Prime Video | Matt Klitscher

Season 1 of The Last of Us aired on HBO in the US between January and March 2023.

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