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The Morning Show Season 3 Teases Biggest Character Downfall & Exit Since Steve Carell’s Mitch



  • Cory’s deal falling through with billionaire Paul Marks has major consequences for UBA’s finances and might lead to his exit from The Morning Show Season 3.
  • Just like Mitch, Cory has escaped the consequences of his own actions for too long, but Stella might have the power to take him down.
  • If Cory were to be fired from UBA, it would create an opportunity for Stella and others to shine, as she has proven herself to be capable and could potentially take his place as CEO.



The Morning Show season 3 has made many characters vulnerable to being exposed, but one character’s impending downfall and potential exit would be the show’s biggest since the fate of Steve Carell’s Mitch. The Morning Show season 2 killed off Mitch in an unexpected car crash after the somewhat confusing decision to focus on his rehabilitation in Italy after being fired from TMS for his sexual misconduct. The Morning Show season 3 is the first season without Carell’s Mitch, but another major character could be exiting the show, or at least UBA, due to his recent disastrous mistake in episode 3.

The Morning Show season 1 centered around the fallout at major news network UBA after one of their longtime morning show anchors, Mitch, was exposed and subsequently fired for reports of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Throughout the season and even going into The Morning Show season 2, there were plenty of reveals regarding Mitch’s many victims, who knew about his behavior, and what was done to cover it up. Often at the center of this was the then-president of UBA’s news division, Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup). Cory currently serves as UBA’s CEO in The Morning Show season 3, but his tenure might be cut short soon.

Cory’s Deal Backfiring Sets Up His Exit From The Morning Show Season 3

Jon Hamm with his arm around Billy Crudup in The Morning Show Season 3

For the first three The Morning Show season 3 episodes, Cory has been working hard to make a deal with tech titan billionaire Paul Marks to buy UBA. The network has been suffering financially since Mitch was first exposed, having lost big investors and advertisers. Cory has seen moderate success in nursing the network back to health, but his deal with Paul falling through has major potential consequences not just for UBA’s finances but for Cory himself. In The Morning Show season 3, episode 3, Cory took some of the big gambles his character has become known for, but this time around, they didn’t pay off.

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The reason Cory is still CEO of UBA despite having few supporters on the board is that he’s good at cleaning up messes. Unfortunately for Cory, he is also usually the creator of those messes, and with the deal falling through and his part in having Cybil removed as board president, he now has nothing to offer UBA. Cory’s dug a hole for himself, and it seems the only way out might just be exiting The Morning Show season 3, or at least the CEO position.

Cory Has Escaped The Consequences Of His Own Actions Too Many Times (Just Like Mitch)

A beaten and battered Mitch sitting dejectedly at the table in the season finale of The Morning Show.

There can be many parallels drawn between Mitch and Cory, which is part of why they were such great adversaries. While Cory’s scheming isn’t nearly as bad as Mitch’s sexual misconduct, Cory has regularly thrown characters under the bus and even put them in danger in the name of ratings. For Cory, there’s practically nothing he won’t stop at in order to make The Morning Show the most-watched show on morning television. So far, this has worked in his favor, but like Mitch, he’ll have to face the consequences of his own actions at some point.

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Stella is the only character who has called Cory out for weaponizing racism to get Cybil removed in The Morning Show season 3, episode 3 so far, but there’s little reason to believe she wouldn’t use this information against him if necessary. Stella is especially dangerous to Cory due to the fact that he regularly mistreats her and lies to her face despite the fact that they are supposed to be working together as a team. So far, nobody’s been able to take Cory down, similarly to Mitch before he was finally exposed, but Stella might have the power to do so, particularly because of her newfound closeness to Mia.

Cory Getting Fired Could Help Stella’s Character

Greta Lee As Stella Bak & Karen Pittman As Mia Jordan In The Morning Show Season 3.jpg

Stella was brought into The Morning Show in season 2 to take over Cory’s position as president of UBA News when he was promoted to CEO. Since then, most of her storyline has revolved around her being in Cory’s shadow and not being taken seriously enough by him and others as a younger Asian woman. However, Stella has proven herself to be quick-witted and capable, as well as one of the only people on The Morning Show who knows how to separate business and pleasure, keeping her emotions out of her work in a way that makes her great at her job.

The Morning Show season 3 seems to be focusing more on Stella’s backstory and future, through her past with Paul being teased and her boldness with Cory and Mia. If Cory were to get fired from UBA, Stella could take his place as CEO, filling the gap and bringing UBA back up to a level of respectability that Cory could never do as he was too focused on ratings. While Cory exiting The Morning Show would certainly be a major twist, it wouldn’t be undeserved, and it would provide the opportunity for Stella and others to shine in ways they haven’t been able to before.


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