The Real Meaning Of Fear The Walking Dead’s Blue Flower In The Finale Explained

Warning: Spoilers for the Fear the Walking Dead two-part series finale




  • The blue flower, specifically a bluebonnet, holds emotional significance in Fear the Walking Dead’s ending, symbolizing the theme of goodness and Madison’s changing outlook for the better.
  • Madison’s decision to leave the flower for Strand signifies that she has found something good in the world, namely Alicia, and represents a well-deserved happy ending for both Madison and Alicia.
  • The blue flower also represents Nick’s presence in the finale, bringing closure to his story and symbolizing the peace he found in death, shown in a dream-like sequence of him lying in a bed of bluebonnets.

It’s apparent that the blue flower spotted by Strand in Fear the Walking Dead’s ending holds a great deal of emotional significance. Following the conclusion of the conflict with Troy’s group and the zombie horde attacking PADRE, what was left of the core split up in the Fear the Walking Dead two-part series finale. Naturally, this called for some sad goodbyes for several of the Fear the Walking Dead characters, many of whom are people who had developed close bonds over the years. It was during these scenes that the blue flower made an appearance.

Several character dynamics ran their course in the series finale, with key character pairings such as Daniel and Strand, Dwight and Sherry, and Daniel and Luciana, all getting final scenes together in the final. Among the relationships given closure in the finale are the ones that Victor Strand shared with the Clark family. Curiously, Fear the Walking Dead used a blue flower to craft their ending. Upon finding a flower and a note in his truck, Strand gazed off into the distance and caught a glimpse of Alicia, Madison, and Tracy heading off to parts unknown. As for the purpose of the flower, it’s meaning can be found in Fear the Walking Dead season 4.

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The Blue Flower Is An Important Symbol To Madison

Madison standing in a field of blue flowers in Fear The Walking Dead

The flower shown in the episode is a bluebonnet, which was symbolic of a major theme in season 4. Fear the Walking Dead’s Nick kept getting distracted when he saw them in season 4’s present-day storyline, and as it turned out, he associated the flowers with Madison. In his death scene in “Good Out Here,” he recalled Madison saying “told you there was still good out here.” In a sense, they represent Madison’s potential for good. Part of what makes this important is the fact that being “good” is something that Madison had seemingly abandoned. Earlier, Madison had rejected the “second chances” mantra put forth by her daughter. This was on display as late as the last episode when she killed a redeemed Troy.

Leaving the flower for Strand was in essence a message telling him that her outlook is finally changing for the better. Additionally, it can be interpreted as a sign that Madison found something good out in the world – namely, Alicia. This idea was represented in the same scene, as Strand is shown looking out of the window to see Alicia in the distance, in the company of Madison and Tracy. Not only does it show Strand that Madison found what she was looking for, but it also signals a well-deserved, happy ending for Alicia as well.

Fear The Walking Dead’s Blue Flower Brings Nick Clark Into The Finale

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Nick

It was important for Fear the Walking Dead’s final scenes to provide poignant moments for series veterans like Madison, Strand, Daniel, and Alicia, but they weren’t the only original characters to get representation in the finale, as Nick too had his presence felt via the blue flower. They carried meaning for him too, due to his memory of his mother. They were interwoven into his death scene, with the show wrapping up his story with a short, dream-like sequence of Nick lying in a bed of bluebonnets to symbolize the peace he had found in death. By taking this route, the series found a meaningful way to make Nick a part of the ending.

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