The real reason Naruto wears orange

Masashi Kishimoto did a lot of thinking and research before writing the storyline for Naruto so it does not come as a surprise that the author did have a reason as to why he chose an orange costume for the character.

Naruto has been a fan favorite ever since the manga was released in 1999. Its popularity led to an anime adaptation in 2002. Since then, things have not changed much as the fandom for the manga has only grown. If you are one of the hardcore fans, you would know that Masashi Kishimoto is a mastermind of storytelling and wouldn’t be surprised as to why the author chose an orange costume for Naruto.

The real reason Naruto wears orange

Kishimoto wanted Naruto to be a unique ninja whose characteristics would surprise fans. In an interview, the author noted that he wanted the character to be the polar opposite of what people expected him to be.

He said: ” It’s an orange jumpsuit, and Naruto goes ‘Hey, I’m here!’ Which is totally opposite of how a ninja should behave! It’s a paradox. But I figured, ‘Why not make this another type of real ninja?’ Of course, I had some hardcore ninja fans who were like, ‘Dude, get lost.’ (laughs) They were really upset because this is not how ninjas are supposed to be!”

Despite being a contradiction, Naruto managed to gain respect and admiration from fans all around the world.

The author hinted at the possibility of sequels

In the same interview, Kishimoto left the door open in the future for any sequels. He did not seem confident but also didn’t hesitate to admit that there are several other strong characters in the storyline that can have their own story.

One of them happens to be Jiraya. He said: “Jiraya he’s very… not so much arrogant, but overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled. But there was a time when he was still young, when he didn’t really know much and he was kind of dumb too. So it’d be interesting to show that contrast.”

The author believes that such stories can help fill up the gaps in Naruto.

Naruto is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year

In July 2023, it was confirmed that new episodes would be released to celebrate Naruto’s 20th anniversary.

However, Studio Pierrot, who is handling the production, decided to delay the release as they wanted to “improve the quality” of the work. As of now, a new release date has not been confirmed.

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