The Santa Clauses Cast & Character Guide


  • The Santa Clause franchise returns with a new Disney+ sequel series, bringing back familiar faces and introducing new characters.
  • Tim Allen reprises his role as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus, who must defend his title from a past Santa eager to reclaim his position.
  • The Santa Clauses season 2 features a mix of returning and new cast members, including Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs. Claus and Kal Penn as Simon Choksi.



Disney’s Santa Clause franchise returns again with the Disney+ sequel series, and The Santa Clauses cast includes several familiar faces around Tim Allen. The Christmas movie franchise revolving around Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin began in 1994 with The Santa Clause, but it appeared to come to an end in 2006 with The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The launch of Disney+ gave the studio a new way to bring the franchise back to relevance and continue the story of Tim Allen’s Santa Claus nearly two decades after he was last on screen, and the continuation into The Santa Clauses season 2 proves the series has struck the right Christmas chord.

The story of The Santa Clauses begins 28 years after Scott Calvin first became Santa Claus following the previous Santa falling off his roof in the original Disney Christmas movie. The passage of time between The Santa Clause 3 and The Santa Clauses means a new generation of elves helping Santa at the North Pole for audiences to meet. However, there are also still several familiar characters for those well-versed in the franchise. Going into The Santa Clauses season 2, there is a mix of returning and new faces. Here is a complete guide to The Santa Clauses cast and characters.

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Tim Allen as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus

Tim Allen headlines The Santa Clauses cast as he makes another appearance as Scott Calvin, a.k.a. Santa Claus. The series begins with Santa struggling with a dwindling Christmas spirit around the world, resulting in him beginning to lose his magical powers. Then, in The Santa Clauses season 2, Scott must defend his title from a past Santa Claus eager to claim his place back and return to a tyrannical rule over the North Pole. In the years between the Santa Clause trilogy and The Santa Clauses, Allen has returned to voice Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4, as well as star in the long-running sitcom Last Man Standing​​​​​.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Calvin/Mrs. Claus

The Santa Clauses Cast Elizabeth Mitchell Carol Mrs Claus

Another returning character in The Santa Clauses cast is Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Calvin, now known as Mrs. Claus. She joined the franchise in The Santa Clause 2 and officially became Mrs. Claus in The Santa Clause 3​​​​​. Carol’s story in The Santa Clauses sees her wanting to reshape how people perceive Mrs. Claus. In the time since Elizabeth Mitchell last appeared in the franchise, she became a staple of Lost‘s cast as Dr. Juliet and landed recurring roles in Revolution, Once Upon a Time, The Expanse, and Outer Banks.

Kal Penn as Simon Choksi

The Santa Clauses Cast Simon Choksi Kal Penn

Kal Penn joined the Santa Clause franchise in The Santa Clauses season 1, playing Simon Choksi, an accomplished toy and video game developer attempting to launch an Amazon-like delivery service called EverythingNow. He was a single father, viewed as a potential Santa Claus successor. Audiences are most likely to recognize Kal Penn for his role as Kumar in the Harold & Kumar movie franchise. Some of his other notable appearances include American Horror Story, Designated Survivor, and House.

Though Simon took over as Santa Claus, Scott Calvin came out of retirement and claimed the title again for The Santa Clauses season 2.

Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin

The Santa Clauses Cast Charlie Calvin Eric Lloyd

The Santa Clauses cast also features the return of Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin, Scott’s son. Charlie played pivotal roles in the first three movies, as he helped his dad become Santa Claus, rebelled against him in the sequel, and helped defeat Martin Short’s Jack Frost in the threequel. The Santa Clauses brings Charlie back with a family of his own as part of Scott’s attempts to find his Santa successor. Eric Llyod has not appeared in many movies or TV shows since The Santa Clause 3, making the Disney+ series a big return for him.

Eric Stonestreet as Magnus Antas/the Mad Santa


Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet has joined the cast of The Santa Clauses for season 2, taking on the role of Magnus Antas, or the Mad Santa. The central antagonist of the series’ second installment, Magnus, is a former Santa who the elves turned into a nutcracker to end his tyrannical behavior. Once he was accidentally set free, the Mad Santa set out on a mission to take down the Calvins and reclaim his title as the one and only Santa Claus.

Gabriel Iglesias as Kris Kringle

Gabriel Iglesias as Kris Kringle In The Santa Clauses

Taking on the role of Kris Kringle in The Santa Clauses season 2 is comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. The character is the owner of a Santa-themed amusement park called Santaland, who unknowingly sets Magnus Antas free into the world. Despite his role alongside the villain, Kris is described as kind and generous, with a deep love for his theme park and the Christmas holiday. Iglesias has done some voice work for Disney in the past in films like Coco and Planes, but The Santa Clauses 2 is something new for the comedian.

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The Santa Clauses Supporting Cast & Characters

The Santa Clauses Supporting Cast

  • Austin Kane as Cal – The eldest child between Scott and Carol, Cal is obsessed with virtual reality and what life is like outside the North Pole. Austin Kane’s prior credits include Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy and Family Reunion.
  • Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra – The daughter of Scott and Carol, Sandra is lonely growing up in the North Pole. Elizabeth Allen-Dick makes her acting debut as part of The Santa Clauses cast.
  • Matilda Lawler as Betty – The head elf for Santa is played by Matilda Lawler, who previously was in HBO’s Station Eleven show and The Gilded Age.
  • Miya Cech as Doc Martin – Santa’s trusted doctor at the North Pole, is played by Miya Cech, who was previously in The Astronauts and Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  • Devin Bright as Noel – Noel is Santa’s close elf friend who rides with him on Christmas Eve and is played by The Unicorn actor Devin Bright.
  • Rupali Redd as Grace Choski – Rupali Redd joins The Santa Clauses cast as the daughter of Simon Choski after only appearing in Bite Size Halloween.
  • Casey Wilson as Adult Sara – A surprise returning character in The Santa Clauses is an adult version of Sara, the young girl who gives Santa soy milk in the first movie, with Happy Endings star Casey Wilson playing the role.
  • Sofia Gonzalez as Marie Calvin – Charlie’s wife Marie is played by Sofia Gonzalez, who previously appeared in Minx and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend​​​​​.
  • Liam Kyle as Gary – Gary is the leader of E.L.F.S. (Effective Liberating Flight Squad), the North Pole elite team first introduced in the original The Santa Clause movie. The character is played by Liam Kyle, who previously appeared in Disney’s Pinocchio and Best Foot Forward.
  • Isabella Bennett as Edie – Edie is one of Santa’s most trusted elves, responsible for helping him check the naughty and nice lists. She’s played by Little Angels‘ Isabella Bennett.
  • Sasha Knight as Crouton – Another elf who helps run the show at the North Pole in The Santa Clauses seasons 1 and 2, Crouton is played by Sasha Knight, who previously worked on Boss Baby 2.
  • Ruby Jay as Riley – Ruby Jay plays Riley in The Santa Clauses seasons 1 and 2, a girl Cal met and dated while living in Chicago. Jay has performed in series like Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Marta Kessler as Olga – Marta Kessler (The Mysterious Benedict Society) is a gnome who was loyal to Magnus Antas and was, therefore, turned into a nutcracker along with him. She returns along with the Mad Santa and seeks to help him reclaim his title in The Santa Clauses season 2.
  • Tracy Morgan as the Easter Bunny – Tracy Morgan has taken over the role of the Easter Bunny (played by Jay Thomas in The Santa Clause 2), demonstrating how the roles of other holiday figures can change in The Santa Clauses as well. Morgan is best known for his mastery of Saturday Night Live sketches and his performances in The Last O.G., 30 Rock, and Cop Out.

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    Tim Allen returns as Scott Calvin in The Santa Clauses, a mini-series follow-up to the original Santa Clause trilogy. Scott has spent thirty years spreading Christmas cheer and managing operations in the North Pole as Santa Clause, but he notices a change is coming. With Christmas’s popularity declining and Scott’s inability to keep up with the pressures of his job and be a capable father, Scott discovers there may be a way to step down from his role. Scott begins his search for his new successor so that he can finally adjust his priorities for his family. Several returning film cast members will appear here, including David Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf.

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