The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Review: Stephanie Hsu, Keke Palmer are Relatable and Kooky

Creator, Showrunner, Writer Cirocco Dunlap
Cast Stephanie Hsu, Keke Palmer, Kieran Culkin, Sam Smith, Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne
Episodes 8
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure

– No Spoilers –

Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak are two very talented doctors and best friends who have a knack for tackling cases that no one else dares to take up. However, one fine day, a very special case comes to their doorstep that threatens to destroy the very fibre of existence.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy is sort of an insane joyride of odd situations and hilarious, dry dialogues that will make viewers question themselves while our good doctors face world-shattering beings with kooky powers. The series breaks down the relationship between Klak and Sleech and gives a rather relatable and sweet backstory to their evolving friendship over the years that is not only funny and warm but it’s also a relationship that you can totally see yourself sharing with your bestie. Of course, the two doctors are the heart of the series and keep the smaller storylines glued together.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Review

Every episode of the intergalactic action-adventure series has a different story that adds to the overarching plot of the friends as they try to figure out how to use a crazy little monster for the betterment of the world… which might also end their careers in the process. However, it’s the small stories that are the most relatable and they deal with storylines that are our everyday problems, with an intergalactic twist, of course. The funny situations with heavy commentary balance perfectly, such that you get what the series is trying to establish and bring forth while also being amused along the way.

The music is fantastic in the series and keeps things peppy and batty. As we go through the ups and downs of Klak and Sleech’s professional and private lives, the series draws a compassionate look at their decisions which aren’t always the best. In spite of being intergalactic beings, they are like all of us and, as such, are made human thanks to their stupid decisions that are sometimes governed by their emotions, egos and other problems like the rest of us. The series is a warm watch that makes you laugh sometimes as you are made to understand our two leading ladies while they overcome life and love one small step at a time.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Review

These familiar situations and characters feel like a welcome change from the complexities of some shows that are released these days. Although there are complex and nuanced stories in this series as well, the way that they are presented cuts through the confusion and viewers can enjoy understanding the difficult situations while being amused with the storytelling. The animation looks great and makes everything come together as we watch Klak and Sleech try to overcome their shortcomings and grow from their experiences.

With different people and their different issues running rampant as the characters try to live their lives, The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy makes you root for the characters. With the anxiety-eating worm becoming a big part of the storyline throughout the runtime, you root for Klak and Sleech’s character arcs as they do something very extreme in order to get over their childhood traumas. Mental health struggles are a very important part of the series as are the horrible effects of big box shops and capitalism.

However, I do feel like the series isn’t anything too new and neither does its important situations and lessons come as a shock for an adult animated series. We have seen similar themes explored in other shows in the genre and sometimes it feels like we are watching the same formula in a slightly different packaging every few months. This isn’t to say that the series is bad, because it is quite entertaining, but it does miss out on being something truly unique and although the situations are humorous, they won’t make you laugh out loud.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Review

That being said, we don’t often get shows that explore female friends and what women go through on a daily basis, especially in the adult animated series sphere. Judging by that, the series is explorative and thorough and you see yourself in the characters as they stumble their way along their life, just like the rest of us.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Review: Conclusion

This adult animated series is a fun and entertaining watch that explores the intricacies of female friendships, mental health struggles and growing up through experiences with a hint of saving the world from a dangerous anxiety-sucking predator. The dialogues are well written and funny and the series is short enough to not bore throughout its runtime.

The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy will stream on Amazon Prime Video from February 23, 2024.

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