Thor vs Madara Unites Naruto & Marvel Fandom in Jaw-Dropping Fanart


  • Thor and Madara engage in a fierce battle depicted in stunning fanart, raising the question of who would win between the Asgardian hero and the powerful shinobi.
  • While Thor is a literal divinely empowered God, Madara’s rinnegan and vast chakra make him a formidable opponent, but fans are confident that Thor would ultimately emerge victorious.
  • The popularity of @thirdphp’s fanart highlights the potential for a Naruto vs. Marvel video game, where fans could watch Madara face off against other beloved Marvel characters like Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange.



Marvel’s very own God of Thunder, the Asgardian hero Thor, is one of comics’ most iconic figures, but could the impressive Avenger beat one of the most powerful characters from the Naruto franchise, the highly skilled Madara Uchiha? That is the question posed in a new gorgeous piece of fanart, depicting the infamous shinobi Madara battling against the fierce Norse god.

The talented artist @thirdphp shared their brilliant fanart on X, showing off their incredibly detailed, clean, and creative interpretation of a brutal battle between Marvel’s Thor and Naruto’s Madara.

While the battle between Madara and Thor may seem a bit unbalanced – given that Thor is a literal divinely empowered God – the rinnegan-wielding Madara Uchiha is frighteningly powerful, displaying incredible feats throughout his life span, like battling against Hashirama Senju, capturing the tailed-beasts, and completing the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

A God of Shinobi Versus A God of Thunder: Who Would Win?

Thor and Madara Uchiha lightning

The immortal Thor – specifically the comic version of Odinson – is so spectacularly powerful that he is capable of fighting directly against entities like the Phoenix Force, Galactus, and even Celestials, displaying such raw feats of power and talent that many villains are terrified of him. Able to draw on the incredible power of lightning, wielding the magical hammer Mjölnir, and access the Asgardian All-Power, Thor is nearly unbeatable… Yet, he has been defeated several times in the past by other heroes like Hulk and Dr. Strange, proving that he is not invincible by any means.

Madara Uchiha is adept at all forms of shinobi fighting, from genjutsu to ninjutsu, and has an incredibly vast store of chakra that empowers him due to him being a reincarnation of the ancient Indra. Going up against Thor, Madara would be hard-pressed to find a way to kill the hero, but he could most likely avoid Mjölnir since he was able to dodge the lightning-fast “Flying Thunder God Slash” from the resurrected Tobirama. Even though Madara would put up an incredible fight, battling until his last breath, most of the fans underneath @thirdphp’s art are very confident that Thor would easily defeat Madara.

Marvel Avengers vs Naruto

The stunning fanart from @thirdphp perfectly displays the adrenaline-filled joy that both Thor and Madara express during intense battles, both confident in their abilities and in some ways enjoying the fights before them. The massive outpouring of appreciation for @thirdphp’s art is all the evidence needed to prove that if there were ever a Naruto vs. Marvel fighting game, similar to the beloved Marvel vs. Capcom, the game would be an immediate success. While many fans seem to think that Madara would not be able to survive in a fight with Thor, it would be truly epic to see him go up against other Marvel characters like Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange.

In a battle between the Avenger’s Thor and Madara Uchiha of Naruto fame, there is a high chance that Thor’s immortality and sheer strength would allow him to overpower and defeat the impressive fighting skills of Madara. However, there is never certainty in battles involving magic or ninjutsu, so fans of both franchises will just need to appreciate the breathtaking art from @thirdphp while imagining what they think would happen in this earth-shattering duel.

Source: Thirdphp


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