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Three people murdered outside a Karol G concert in Guatemala

Article—First-letter-highlighted”>Karol G Has carried out today In Guatemala, More particularly In Cayala, one in all The greatest areas of The nation. The Colombian artist had her First concert final Friday and in addition did The similar this Saturday, March 2, With a nice expectation of this musical occasion.

Nevertheless, there was a tragedy after The singer completed her present on stage. At The exit of The concert, two males left The venue to go away In their car when They found that The home windows have been damaged. At that second an argument began With The one that was supposedly caring for The automobiles after They had paid him some cash. One of these follow Is widespread In these international locations.


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The man, after a number of minutes of confrontation, pulled out a gun and Killed In chilly blood The two males, 21 and 30 years previous. Most tragically, one in all The bullets that got here out of The gun ended up In The physique of a 31-year-old pregnant girl. The younger girl, who at The time was With her two kids aged 2 and 11, additionally misplaced her Life.

“To those criminals who suppose They can get away With something, The social gathering Is over.”

Just a few hours later, The Nationwide Civil Police detained The particular person and took him to The Torre de Tribunales In Guatemala Metropolis. The brokers seized a 9 millimeter caliber pistol that did Not Have a authorized license. Now, The Prosecutor’s Workplace for Crimes Towards Life shall be In cost of beginning an investigation In Which this man could find yourself In jail.


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Francisco Jimenez, The Minister of The Inside, Has reacted to this homicide In His social networks. The politician Has assured that “a evening of pleasure was mourned by a direct assault”. In addition, he Has insisted, regardless of The “quick” response of The police, that “this does Not take away The ache of The households”. “To those criminals who suppose They can get away With it, I say that The social gathering Is over,” he concluded.


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