TikTok video claims a UAP was ‘landing in Ladner’ as police cars sped through Richmond BC

TikTok users are discussing a recently surfaced viral video on the platform and some think it’s connected to UAP spotted in Richmond, BC, Canada. Others think it’s about UAP landing in Ladner, BC, Canada.

The conversation around UFOs, UAPs, and aliens has risen significantly on social media over the past few months. Most social media platforms are now flooded with videos of alleged UFO and UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena) sightings across the globe. After claims of a “UFO” shooting out mysterious rings in Dallas, fresh new claims on TikTok say there was a UAP landing recently in Richmond, British Columbia. Others say it was in the Ladner suburb of Delta city.

Flying Saucer Scanning Patrol Boat
UFO Flying Saucer Scanning Human Patrol Boat Out At Sea

Viral TikTok filmed near Richmond, BC leads to ‘UAP’ landing claims

The wild claims about a “UAP landing” in Canada arose after two videos went viral on TikTok. Both videos posted by user @dontpetcreations show a series of cars rushing through British Columbia’s Highway 99. All the cars have sirens blaring.

At least six cars fly by in the video, which the TikToker shot after pulling over to the right side of the highway. “What’s happening? Going towards Richmond, BC,” the in-video text reads.

The video was posted four days ago by the TikToker. The platform’s users flooded their comments section with guesses about why there were so many cars using their sirens, flying past the TikTok user on the highway. Some hilarious guesses included that the cops were going to get doughnuts at Tim Hortons before they closed. However, others claimed there was a “UAP incident.” Days later the TikToker posted a follow-up video with fresh claims.

TikTok user claims there was a “UAP landing in Ladner”

In a part 2 video, the TikTok user claims “There was some sort of UAP landing in Ladner.” However, the internet user’s claims have been met with much resistance online.

A few TikTokers who lived in or near Ladner took to @dontpetcreations’ update videos’ comments and said there were no local reports of any UAP landing in the Delta City suburb.

“Ladner here and nope, nothing lol,” one user said.

“I live in Ladner and didn’t see anything!” a second user chimed in.

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