Top 10 Highest Paid Players in NBA 2023 – Richest Players Ranked

Top 10 Highest Paid Players in NBA 2023


Highest Paid Players in NBA




Stephen Curry

$51.9 million

Golden State Warriors


Nikola Jokic

$47.6 million

Denver Nuggets


LeBron James

$47.6 million

Los Angeles Lakers


Joel Embiid

$47.6 million

Philadelphia 76ers


Bradley Beal

$46.7 million

Phoenix Suns


Kevin Durant

$46.4 million

Phoenix Suns


Paul George

$45.6 million

Los Angeles Clippers


Kawhi Leonard

$45.6 million

Los Angeles Clippers


Giannis Antetokounmpo

$45.6 million

Milwaukee Bucks


Damian Lillard

$45.6 million

Milwaukee Bucks

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Highest Paid Players in NBA 2023

In 2023, the NBA features a highly competitive and lucrative landscape for its athletes, with top players earning substantial salaries and endorsement deals. The highest-paid players in the NBA represent a blend of established legends and emerging talents, each commanding multi-million dollar contracts. These players not only excel on the court but also enjoy significant off-court success through endorsements, making them some of the most financially successful and recognizable athletes in the world.


1. Stephen Curry ($51.9 million)

Stephen Curry, often regarded as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, remains a cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors. His $51.9 million annual salary reflects his remarkable skills and contributions to the team’s success. Curry has revolutionized the game with his three-point shooting, setting numerous records and winning multiple NBA championships.

Beyond his on-court excellence, he’s an influential figure off the court, with a thriving brand and endorsement deals. Curry’s impact extends beyond basketball, as he’s become a philanthropic force, actively involved in charitable endeavors, including funding educational initiatives and donating to social causes.

2. Nikola Jokic ($47.6 million)

Nikola Jokic, the versatile and immensely skilled center for the Denver Nuggets, earns $47.6 million per year. Known for his unique playing style, Jokic is often referred to as the “Joker” for his uncanny passing ability and scoring versatility, making him a rare talent in the league. His salary reflects both his on-court excellence and his pivotal role in the Nuggets’ success, including deep playoff runs.

As a two-time NBA All-Star and the 2021 NBA Most Valuable Player, Jokic has quickly risen to the upper echelons of the league. His financial success also underscores the increasing recognition and marketability of international players in the NBA.

3. LeBron James ($47.6 million)

LeBron James, widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, commands an annual salary of $47.6 million with the Los Angeles Lakers. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has amassed numerous accolades, including four NBA championships and multiple MVP awards. LeBron’s impact transcends the court, as he’s an influential figure both in sports and society. His earnings are significantly boosted by a myriad of endorsement deals and business ventures.

LeBron is involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including his “I PROMISE” school in Akron, Ohio, which offers educational support and resources to at-risk children. His remarkable career and financial success have solidified his status as an icon in the world of sports and beyond.

4. Joel Embiid ($47.6 million)

Joel Embiid, the charismatic center for the Philadelphia 76ers, has solidified his position as one of the NBA’s premier talents both on and off the court. His $47.6 million annual salary is a testament to his exceptional skills and impact in the league. As a dominant force in the paint, Embiid’s remarkable ability to score, rebound, and protect the rim has earned him multiple All-Star selections. He’s known for his agility, footwork, and the versatility to shoot from long range, making him a challenging matchup for any opponent.

Beyond his on-court prowess, Embiid’s larger-than-life personality and engaging social media presence have endeared him to fans worldwide, contributing to his marketability and endorsement deals. His impact on the game and his charismatic persona make him one of the most recognizable and highest-earning players in the league.

5. Bradley Beal ($46.7 million)

Bradley Beal, a standout shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns, boasts an impressive annual salary of $46.7 million, reflecting his status as one of the NBA’s premier scorers. Beal’s exceptional scoring ability and offensive versatility have led to consistent high-scoring seasons, earning him multiple All-Star nods. He’s known for his smooth shooting stroke, ball-handling skills, and the ability to create his shot from various positions on the floor.

Beal’s off-court presence is marked by his quiet determination and commitment to excellence, which resonates with fans and sponsors alike. His lucrative salary is not only a testament to his scoring prowess but also his impact as a leader both on and off the court, solidifying his status as one of the highest-earning players in the NBA.

6. Kevin Durant ($46.4 million)

Kevin Durant, widely regarded as one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, continues to be a marquee player in the league, earning an annual salary of $46.4 million. Durant’s ability to seamlessly blend size and skill has made him an offensive juggernaut. Whether he’s scoring from mid-range, beyond the arc, or driving to the basket, his offensive repertoire is virtually unmatched. His remarkable career includes multiple NBA championships and NBA Finals MVP awards.

Beyond his on-court achievements, Durant is known for his philanthropic efforts and his role as a mentor to emerging basketball talents. His influence extends to the business world, with successful business ventures and lucrative endorsement deals, contributing to his position as one of the highest-paid and most influential players in the NBA.

7. Paul George ($45.6 million)

Paul George, a versatile forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, is among the elite NBA players commanding a substantial annual income of $45.6 million. Known for his defensive prowess and scoring ability, George has been a crucial asset to his team. In addition to his on-court performance, he has secured numerous lucrative endorsement deals, enhancing his financial standing.

George’s consistent presence in the league and his remarkable journey from the Indiana Pacers to the Oklahoma City Thunder and eventually the Clippers has solidified his status as a respected and high-earning NBA player. As one of the top talents in the league, George’s contributions both on and off the court continue to make headlines and establish his place among the NBA’s best-paid players.

8. Kawhi Leonard ($45.6 million)

Kawhi Leonard, a two-time NBA Finals MVP and a key figure in the Los Angeles Clippers’ roster, is another player earning $45.6 million, placing him among the highest-paid athletes in the league. Leonard is widely regarded for his remarkable defensive skills, scoring ability, and the “Klaw” nickname due to his incredible hands.

His journey from the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors, where he led the team to its first NBA championship, and eventually to the Clippers, has been a remarkable one. Kawhi’s marketability and endorsements have also contributed significantly to his earnings, and he continues to be a sought-after brand ambassador. With his exceptional talent and two NBA titles to his name, Leonard’s influence and earning potential remain robust within the competitive landscape of the NBA.

9. Giannis Antetokounmpo ($45.6 million)

Giannis Antetokounmpo, often referred to as the “Greek Freak,” is a dominant force in the NBA and a pivotal figure for the Milwaukee Bucks. With an annual income of $45.6 million, he stands out as one of the top-earning players in the league. Known for his incredible athleticism, versatility, and work ethic, Giannis has risen to stardom, earning two NBA Most Valuable Player awards and leading the Bucks to an NBA championship.

His global appeal and endorsement deals with major brands have significantly bolstered his financial portfolio. Giannis’s combination of on-court excellence and charismatic personality has made him one of the most recognized and highest-earning players in the NBA, transcending borders and cementing his place in the upper echelon of the league’s stars.

10. Damian Lillard ($45.6 million)

Damian Lillard, affectionately known as “Dame,” is a dynamic point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, earning an annual income of $45.6 million. Lillard is renowned for his scoring ability, clutch performances, and leadership on the court. Throughout his career with the Portland Trail Blazers and later with the Bucks, Lillard has consistently demonstrated his dedication to his craft. His marketability and numerous endorsement deals have further solidified his financial standing in the league.

Off the court, Lillard is also recognized for his contributions to the community and his musical pursuits, which have added to his widespread appeal. As one of the most respected and highest-paid players in the NBA, Damian Lillard’s impact extends beyond basketball, making him a prominent figure in the sports and entertainment world.

What Impact Does On-Court Performance Have on Player Earnings?

The impact of on-court performance on a player’s earnings in the NBA is profound and multifaceted. A player’s performance directly influences their market value, contract negotiations, and the potential for endorsement deals. Here’s an elaborate look at how on-court performance affects player earnings:

1. Contract Negotiations:

Exceptional on-court performance, including scoring, defense, assists, and leadership, often leads to higher earnings through lucrative contracts. Players who consistently perform at a high level are in demand and can negotiate for more significant salaries. Teams are willing to invest in top-performing players to secure their services and ensure competitiveness.

2. Awards and Achievements:

Awards and accolades, such as NBA MVP, All-NBA Team selections, and All-Star appearances, significantly boost a player’s marketability and earning potential. These recognitions highlight a player’s excellence and can lead to increased endorsements and higher salary offers.

3. Max Contracts:

In the NBA, there are maximum salary levels that a player can earn based on their years of experience. Players who consistently perform well may reach the maximum salary threshold, ensuring they receive the highest possible earnings based on the league’s salary structure.

4. Team Success:

Players who contribute to their team’s success by leading them to the playoffs or championships are highly valued. Postseason achievements not only increase a player’s earning potential through performance bonuses but also attract endorsements and sponsorship deals.

5. Individual Scoring and Stats:

Scoring ability and impressive individual statistics, such as points per game, rebounds, and assists, make a player more marketable. High-performing players are often the face of their franchise, leading to increased exposure and income from endorsements.

6. Longevity and Durability:

Players who maintain a consistent level of performance over several seasons and remain injury-free are more likely to secure long-term, high-value contracts. Teams and sponsors appreciate reliability and dependability.

7. Negotiating Power:

Players with strong on-court performances have greater leverage during contract negotiations. Their skills and contributions make them indispensable to their teams, allowing them to demand better terms and conditions in their contracts, including salary, bonuses, and contract length.

8. Global Appeal:

Exceptional performance on the international stage, such as representing one’s country in events like the Olympics, can expand a player’s global appeal and increase endorsements and commercial opportunities, further boosting their earnings.

On-court performance is a fundamental driver of an NBA player’s earnings. Exceptional skills, consistency, awards, team success, and the ability to stay healthy and relevant in the league all contribute to a player’s financial success. Ultimately, it’s the combination of talent, dedication, and hard work that paves the way for higher earnings for NBA players.

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