Top 10 Star Wars Fighters Who Aren’t Jedi Or Sith, Ranked Worst To Best


  • Characters like Kleef, Phasma, and Morgan Elsbeth prove that you don’t need the Force to be a formidable fighter in the Star Wars universe.
  • From skilled swordsmanship to advanced combat styles, these characters have unique abilities that make them nearly impossible to defeat.
  • Whether it’s armor, special powers, or sheer determination, these non-Jedi and non-Sith characters expanded the Star Wars galaxy for those outside both orders.



The Jedi and the Sith are masters of the Force with superb combat abilities, but the Star Wars universe has many fighters that don’t belong to either group. Bounty hunters, military officers, and gangsters are only a few examples of those who don’t require the Force to excel in combat. However, the Force doesn’t belong to the Jedi or the Sith, meaning several characters possess all the same skills.

Many of these characters were specially trained to kill Jedi, using special weapons and fighting styles to counter Force-sensitives. Others had armor or special powers unique to their species, making them nearly impossible for even a Jedi to kill. 10 Star Wars characters who aren’t Jedi or Sith made the most significant impact in their respective stories and expanded the Star Wars galaxy for characters outside both orders.

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10 The Gungan Bounty Hunter Who Fought Vader’s Apprentice


Kleef the Gungan bounty hunter from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP, PS2, and Wii versions.

A lesser-known but fascinating Star Wars character, Kleef was a Gungan bounty hunter who appeared as a boss fight in the Krome Studios version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He was a master swordsman and proficient with various weapons, including Heavy Tactical Fighting Unit droids. He faced Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Starkiller, who was attempting to rescue a senator Kleef’s boss had taken hostage. Despite claiming he was well-prepared, Kleef was no match for a highly trained, Force-sensitive assassin, though having put up a fight at all is highly impressive.

Kleef appears in the PSP, PS2, and Wii versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which has some notable differences from LucasArts’ Xbox, PS3, and PC versions. This makes his “canon” status in the Star Wars Legends continuity unclear.

9 The Chrome-Plated Stormtrooper Captain


Captain Phasma only had one fight scene in the Star Wars sequel trilogy but made a lasting impression with a short amount of screen time. She displayed incredible hand-to-hand combat in her duel with Finn, quickly knocking him off a platform to his apparent death and then seamlessly switching to firing a blaster at Rose Tico. Her armor was impervious to most blasters, so only a surprise attack from Finn did any damage to her helmet. If the ground hadn’t given way and let Phasma fall to her death, she would have been a nearly impossible opponent to kill.

8 The Nightsister Survivor

Morgan Elsbeth

Morgan Elsbeth demonstrated master swordsmanship in her duels with Ahsoka Tano, disarming her opponent in their first duel and nearly killing her in the second. She mastered multiple weapons, engaging Ahsoka with staff before accepting the Blade of Talzin from the Great Mothers. Elsbeth became even more formidable after being imbued with Nightsister magic, and without Sabine Wren’s intervention, she would have succeeded in killing Ahsoka.

7 The Crimson Dawn Leader Who Faced Darth Vader


After becoming Dryden Vos’ top lieutenant, Qi’ra was trained in Teräs Käsi, an advanced hand-to-hand combat style designed for fighting Force-sensitives. She mastered Teräs Käsi in her time with Crimson Dawn, eventually surpassing Vos’ skill and killing him with his own blade. As the leader of Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra became so proficient with Teräs Käsi that she held her own against Vader, a fight that few people could walk away from.

6 The Force Warrior Who Was Led By Faith

Chirrut Imwe

Chirrut Imwe was not Force-sensitive like a Jedi, but he honed his connection to the Force to enhance his senses. His opponents made the mistake of underestimating him due to his blindness, but he was highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, and his enhanced perception allowed him to turn an enemy’s moves against them. He was also a master marksman, allowing the Force to guide his aim and hit the target every time.

5 The Leader Of The Mandalorian Death Watch

Pre Vizsla

Pre Vizsla was the leader of a Mandalorian terrorist group called the Death Watch, where only the strongest were allowed to rule. He wielded the Darksaber built by his Jedi ancestor, Tarre Vizsla, using it to engage several Jedi throughout the Clone Wars. As a Mandalorian, Vizsla was a ruthless warrior, highly trained in combat and weapons, all while wearing indestructible beskar armor. Vizsla was later killed in a warrior’s duel with Maul, but only after a lengthy fight that pushed both men to their limits.

4 The Dark Apprentice Trained To Be More Than A Jedi

Shin Hati

Shin Hati possessed the skills of a Jedi with the ruthless determination of a Sith, thanks to the training of her master, Baylan Skoll. Hati was highly skilled in lightsaber combat and deflecting laser blasts, finally having a chance to showcase both in her second duel with Sabine on Seatos. Sabine had already proved herself in lightsaber combat before being trained as a Jedi, having defeated fellow Mandalorian Gar Saxon in a fight. This speaks to Shin’s abilities, nearly killing Sabine when she was wearing beskar armor and had access to weapons designed to combat Force wielders.

3 The Droid General With An Impressive Lightsaber Collection

General Grievous

General Grievous wielded four lightsabers at once, each blade taken from a Jedi he had slain, a testament to his skill as a fighter. His first appearance in the Star Wars: Clone Wars 2D micro-series saw him duel five Jedi at once, killing half the group and leaving the others in critical condition. Grievous’s fighting style was altered in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but he was still a deadly opponent who defeated many Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi barely survived his final encounter with Grievous, only killing him by ripping his chest plate open and firing a blaster into his exposed organs.

2 The Assassin Trained By The Jedi & The Sith

Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress was a deadly assassin during the Clone Wars, proving herself more than a match for some of the most skilled Jedi Masters. She was trained from a young age by Jedi Master Ky Narec, but after he was killed, she blamed the Jedi Order for abandoning him. Dooku weaponized her hatred to enhance her connection to the dark side, molding her into the ultimate warrior. Even after leaving the dark side behind, Ventress never lost any of her skills, using her talents to become a successful bounty hunter.

1 The Indestructible Bounty Hunter


No matter how skilled other Star Wars were, none could top Durge as a fighter. Durge possessed incredible strength, an impressive weapons array, and superb hand-to-hand combat skills. However, Durge’s real advantage was his species’ ability to regenerate, allowing him to survive being stabbed and cut in half by a lightsaber.

Even after being blown apart from the inside, Durge began to reform, allowing him to fight for the Separatists another day. Durge’s physiology, strategic mind, and sheer size made him nearly invincible, making him the best Star Wars fighter outside the Jedi or Sith.


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