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Totally Killer ending explained as Amazon slasher hides two killers in plain sight

Totally Killer features a masked murderer called the Sweet Sixteen Killer but who exactly are they in the Prime Video slasher and how does the horror-comedy end?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Totally Killer* — October has arrived which can only mean one thing, Halloween is right around the corner and a host of horror movies are crawling their way onto the various streaming services. Prime Video’s newest effort Totally Killer blends some comedy with its slasher plot as Riverdale and Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka finds herself battling not one but two sinister killers.

Totally Killer’s plot

Totally Killer is focused on the murders of three teenage girls – Tiffany, Heather and Marisa – who fell victim to the infamous Sweet Sixteen Killer during Halloween 1987.

Three decades later, the masked murderer returns to claim a fourth victim, Pam Hughes, the mother of Totally Killer’s central character, Jamie. Pam was friends with the murdered trio and grew to become overly protective of her daughter in fear of the same thing happening again.

While grieving for her mother, Jamie helps her friend Amelia to complete a time machine built in a photo booth for a school project and later hides in the booth when she is chased down by the Sweet Sixteen Killer herself, only for the working time machine to transport her back to the past during the murderer’s original killing spree.

In an effort to change her mother’s fate and find a way to return home, Jamie must team up with a teenage Pam – played by Cruel Summer’s Olivia Holt – who she discovers was part of a cruel mean girl clique during her school days.

Julie Bowen as Pam Hughes looking shocked in Totally Killer
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Who is the Sweet Sixteen Killer in Totally Killer?

Totally Killer actually features two killers who masquerade as the sinister Sweet Sixteen Killer.

The original murderer was a teenager named Doug, who in the present day went on to become Jamie’s school principal.

It’s revealed that Tiffany, Heather and Marisa were partially responsible for the death of Doug’s girlfriend, Trish, as they got her drunk and let her drive while under the influence, which resulted in her dying in a fatal car accident.

After learning that Doug’s motive was clearly revenge, Jamie is left puzzled over her own mother’s death as she was not present on the night of Trish’s death.

It’s not long until everything becomes clear as a second Sweet Sixteen Killer turns out to be behind Pam’s death.

The second murderer is revealed to be Chris, the host of a true-crime podcast in the present day who became a copycat of the Sweet Sixteen Killer in order to generate content for his podcast.

Jonathan Potts as Chris Dubasage surrounded by Sweet Sixteen Killers in Totally Killer
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Ending explained

Despite Jamie being in 1987, she is unable to prevent the three murders from taking place, although her presence does mean that the killings take place in a slightly different order, while she is able to catch the killers, which prompts sizeable changes when she eventually returns to the present day.

Impaled by Kara, who goes on to become a sheriff in a haunted house attraction at the amusement park.

Jamie’s presence in 1987 can’t stop the murders from taking place but she does change the order and circumstances of the murders, which changes the timeline and the situation in the present day.

On the night of Halloween in 1987, Jamie and her newfound friends lure the Sweet Sixteen Killer into a haunted house at the local amusement park where future sheriff Kara impales him with a scythe, which leads to the revelation that Doug was the original murderer.

Kiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes, Olivia Holt as Teen Pam looking shocked in Totally Killer
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Before Jamie can return home using a crudely made second time machine, another killer emerges and murders Marisa, the last of the three surviving girls.

After chasing down this new murderer, Jamie learns that it’s Chris, the podcast host from the future, who had followed her to 1987 using Amelia’s time machine.

Jamie manages to defeat Chris which results in his death and finally allows her to return to the present day – although there have been some significant changes since she was last there after meddling with the timeline.

Not only is Pam alive and well, but Jamie discovers that she is no longer an only child. She now has an older brother called Jamie while her own name is now Collete.

Olivia Holt as Teen Pam, Charlie Gillespie as Teen Blake, Kiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes, Stephi Chin-Salvo as Marisa Margolis, Jeremy Monn-Djasngar as Teen Randy Finkle standing side by side in Totally Killer
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Totally Killer is available to stream on Prime Video after releasing on October 6, 2023.

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