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Travis Kelce’s publicist Pia Malihi in PR trouble over Instagram post clowning Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s publicist Pia Malihi has found herself in PR trouble after resposting an Instagram story covering Taylor Swift’s face with the clown emoji and Swifies are not happy.

The NFL star’s publicity is managed by Pia Malihi, who is currently facing backlash on social media after sharing a post involving Kelce’s current girlfriend – pop icon Taylor Swift – making their relationship take an ‘unfunny’ turn as her fandom throw shade at the PR professional.

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Travis Kelce’s publicist Pia Malihi resposts Instagram story clowning Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce is an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League, who has been publicly dating American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The couple appeared to confirm their romance in September.

Pia Malihi is Travis Kelce’s publicist, whereby her role requires her to assist in generating positive publicity for the NFL star through the use of techniques in advertising, marketing and public relations. 

Malihi is the Co-Founder and President of “Full Scope PR” and is shown in photos standing next to pop icon Taylor Swift while watching the Chiefs game to support Kelce.

The publicist is currently being dragged online for a recent post she shared on her Instagram story – onto her profile which has now been privatised.

Shown in the post were a collection of images, one of which showing Taylor Swift’s face covered with a clown emoji.

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Swifties throw backlash at Travis Kelce’s publicist Pia Malihi

Although the Instagram story post has now been deleted and Pia Malihi’s Instagram page has been made private, fans of the pop singer – known as ‘Swifies’ – were quick to reshare the upload onto social media.

Many Swifties accused the publicist of ‘shading’ Taylor Swift by using the clown emoji.

Another fan took to Twitter/X to suggest that Pia Malihi is “the worst publicist to ever live.”

@stoolpresidente also wrote: “Even if it was an accident it’s an accident a publicist can’t make.”

A user named @anotherlikemih asked why the publicist would supposedly go up against the fandom: “How are you a publicist and pick a fight with Swifties?”

Another fan argued that while the publicist’s post was “unprofessional”, Taylor Swift does not need this drama to occur when “she has a professional team of people with she pays a lot of money to deal with issues like this.”

Fans are dying at the irony as publicist Pia Malihi is in PR trouble

TikTok user and PR & Branding Strategist @toris.intel explained the situation and posed the ironic question:

“What happens when the person who is supposed to be helping you and assisting you in having good publicity, is the one that is causing a PR crisis drama, on game day?”

A Twitter/X user named @kurymichelle pointed out that this is not the first PR mistake Pia Malihi has made, suggesting that she had previously reposted a picture “exposing full phone numbers related to her PR business”.

The user also joked about the ironic nature of the situation: “The irony of Pia Malihi having a PR nightmare is just hilarious.”

Another Twitter user named @borfried joked: “You have one job.”

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