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‘Tuna sub spelled backwards’ is a brilliant prank to play on your friends

Do you want an epic prank to play on your friends? We’ve got just the thing. It’s called the ‘tuna sub backwards’ trick and it’s bound to have you giggling.

The practical joke has existed online for years, but it’s suddenly gone viral on Twitter again in October 2023 and everyone is cracking up.

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‘Tuna sub spelled backwards’ prank

All you have to do is say: “I wanna tuna sub spelled backwards.”

The person you’re with will be really confused and proceed to work out what the phrase ‘tuna sub’ is spelled backwards.

You will sit there laughing inside while they slowly place the letters ‘B U S A N U T’ in order – then they will say it out loud.

That’s the point where you let out a giggle because they’ve just said the rude phrase “Bust a nut”. Comedy gold!

Trick takes over Twitter

The trick is is making everyone laugh on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I’m gonna start using this!”

“This is brilliant,” said another.

A third person added: “Omg I’m dead.”

“That’s a good one,” someone else tweeted.

Funny ‘spelled backwards’ jokes

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