[Update: Oct. 03] Royal Mail tracking down or not working issue acknowledged, fix in the works

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Royal Mail is a postal service company that operates throughout the United Kingdom. It is one of the most traditional and long-lived British companies, existing since 1516.

Just in case you’re trying to get your head around why Royal Mail tracking isn’t working for you, find solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one facing issues lately.

Royal Mail tracking down or not working

According to multiple reports, many Royal Mail customers are currently unable to track their shipments due to the problem.


A quick look at micro-blogging site Twitter conveys there are many affected by the same issue. The problem is frustrating since tracking is a service that is charged in addition to the shipping cost.

When users try to access the tracking section, they just get a ‘Service temporarily unavailable’ error. For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants word the problem:

Source (click/tap to expand)

@RoyalMailHelp is the fact the tracking system is down now the reason my expected delivery has been rerouted or? (I obviously can’t track it BC of the above)

@RoyalMailHelp @RoyalMail What is the point in paying for tracking when it doesn’t work? Will you be giving a refund for the tracking element of the postage? £2.85 it cost me to post a couple of pieces of paper.

Down detector – a popular service that gives information about live outages – also conveys that there is an outage in the Royal Mail tracking service.

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The Royal Mail team is already aware of the problem and working on a fix, but there is no ETA yet.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience. Our IT team is aware of an issue and they’re working to fix this ASAP. Please try again later. ^RM

Rest assured, we’re keeping a continuous tab on all related developments, and will update this page with relevant info as and when we come across any. So in case you’re encountering the problem discussed here, stay hooked for updates.

Update 1 (November 11, 2022)

12:36 pm (IST): Fresh reports suggest that users are still facing issues with Royal Mail tracking. So, it’s unclear when this problem will be resolved.

Furthermore, the recent acknowledgment from support also does not mention any ETA for the fix.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience. Our IT team is aware of an issue and they’re working to fix this ASAP. Please try again later. ^RM (Source)

Update 2 (November 14, 2022)

02:08 pm (IST): Fresh user reports on Twitter suggest that many users are still facing issues with Royal Mail tracking.

Update 3 (November 15, 2022)

02:50 pm (IST): According to multiple reports, users are still facing issues with Royal Mail tracking (1,2,3).

Even in their most recent acknowledgment, support did not provide an ETA for the fix.

Good afternoon. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this is causing; we’re working hard to resolve the problem. If you have our Royal Mail app you should be able to track your items there in the meantime, if that helps. ^Jen

Update 4 (November 16, 2022)

02:36 pm (IST): Royal Mail team is asking users for information about their packages in order to offer a tracking status.

So that we can help further, please DM us any of the outstanding details below:

– Item tracking number, date of posting/collection & service used
– Sender and recipient’s full name, address, contact number and email address
– Any collection details if applicable (CC- ref)

However, it seems that not all users are getting a reply.

Don’t bother as they don’t reply to DM

Update 5 (November 17, 2022)

02:55 pm (IST): Royal Mail users are reporting an issue where the captcha for tracking is broken (1,2,3) and giving users a tough time. They keep getting endless captcha verification even after marking the correct answer.

Fortunately, Royal Mail Help has acknowledged this issue and said that a fix will be released soon.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience. Our IT team is aware of an issue and they’re working to fix this ASAP. Please try again later.

Update 6 (November 18, 2022)

02:59 pm (IST): There’s still no ETA for a fix but Royal Mail support is telling users to use the mobile app to track their parcels.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. You should be able to track items via our Royal Mail app in the meantime, or you are very welcome to drop us a DM if you require our assistance. ^Jen

Update 7 (November 21, 2022)

04:03 pm (IST): Royal Mail support has confirmed that the tracking issue with their service has now been resolved.

Our IT Teams were made aware of an issue which has now been resolved. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. ^RM (Source)

Moreover, support team has also informed players that they have fixed the recent issue with Captcha.

I am sorry for the issues you reported. Our I.T. team have confirmed any issues with the Tracking system and the security CAPTCHA have now been fixed. ^Julie (Source)

Update 8 (December 5, 2022)

05:22 pm (IST): Fresh reports on Twitter (1, 2) and Downdetector indicate that Royal Mail tracking is currently down or not working for some users.

Update 9 (December 7, 2022)

04:51 pm (IST): Several service users are claiming that they are unable to trace their parcels as the tracking information is either delayed or not updating properly (1,2,3).

Downdetector also suggests that there are some issue with the service.

Update 10 (December 16, 2022)

03:46 pm (IST): Multiple Royal Mail users report that the tracking of their packages is not being updated, and that some shipments are even being delayed (1, 2, 3, 4).

Update 11 (December 19, 2022)

05:44 pm (IST): Some users have taken to Twitter to report (1, 2, 3, 4) that they are once again experiencing issues with the tracking service.

According to reports, the tracking details aren’t updating for several days. Sadly, there’s no official word regarding the issues yet.

Update 12 (December 28, 2022)

02:08 pm (IST): Fresh reports on Twitter and Downdetector suggest that Royal Mail is currently down or not working for a section of users.

Users say that they aren’t able to track their parcels as the wesbite is facing some issues.

Update 13 (December 29, 2022)

06:18 pm (IST): According to Downdetector, the recent issue with Royal Mail has now been resolved.

Update 14 (September 04, 2023)

06:30 pm (IST): Royal Mail website is currently down as some users have reported issues with tracking (1,2,3).

Update 15 (September 05, 2023)

05:18 pm (IST): It appears that the recent issue with tracking on Royal Mail has been resolved.

Update 16 (September 25, 2023)

04:41 pm (IST): Some users are again reporting (1, 2, 3) that Royal Mail is currently down or not working for them.

07:00 pm (IST): The recent outage seems to have been resolved.

Update 17 (October 03, 2023)

05:00 PM (IST): Some users have taken to X to report (1,2,3,4) that they are having issues tracking their packages as ‘track an item’ seems down.

Featured Image: Royal Mail on Twitter

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