[Updated] NBA 2K24 servers down, not working or loading? You’re not alone


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Original story (published on Sep. 8, 2023) follows:

The excitement was palpable as NBA 2K24, the highly anticipated basketball video game, launched today. Players worldwide were eager to get their hands on the game, looking forward to intense matches and exhilarating gameplay.

NBA 2K24 servers down, not working or loading

However, their excitement quickly turned to frustration as they encountered a major roadblock as the game’s servers are down, not working or not loading. This means they are unable to access the game (1,2,3,4,5).

NBA 2K24 down
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Players reported being stuck at the loading screen with a disheartening message ‘There is a problem connecting to our online services.’

For avid fans of the NBA 2K series, the launch of a new title is a momentous occasion. Players had been eagerly awaiting NBA 2K24 hoping to dive into the immersive world of basketball that the franchise is renowned for.

However, their excitement quickly turned into disappointment as they encountered the dreaded server outage.

Players expected a smooth launch, especially considering the game’s hefty price tag. Instead, they found themselves unable to enjoy the game they had invested in.

@NBA2K what’s going on man come on I been up waiting rush home for this 😭😭come on

If I can’t play @NBA2K on @PlayStation in the next 30 minutes. Ya better be giving out free VC

Server outages are not uncommon on launch days, but players expected the developers to have learned from past experiences and invested in robust server infrastructure to handle the anticipated surge in players.

While server issues can occur, the lack of acknowledgment or communication from the developers exacerbated the situation.

Players feel left in the dark, with no information about when the servers might be back online or if any workarounds is available.

Update 1 (September 19, 2023)

08:01 am (IST): NBA 2K24 players report that the servers have been down or experiencing issues for hours (1, 2, 3).

Update 1 (September 20, 2023)

05:03 pm (IST): Some players have continued to report server issues that kick them out of matches in recent hours (1, 2).

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Featured image source: NBA 2K24.

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