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[Updated] Payday 3 matchmaking not working or full of errors making Early Access unplayable (potential workaround)


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Original story (published on September 19, 2023) follows:

Payday 3 players are reporting multiple issues, including alleged matchmaking not working and error problems.

Players have turned to social media platforms to express their frustrations and share their experiences with these issues.

Payday 3 matchmaking not working

Hey, so I’ve been playing PD3 and don’t get why I can’t seem to find anybody in public matches (normal difficulty I’d assume would have the most people) with crossplay on (I’m on Steam PC). Is the matchmaking bugged? I’ve only ever found one person in 2 matches so far. (Source)

I keep getting errors, and I see a lot of posts of people having the same issues, but has anyone been able to play the actual heists? Do you need to join a group of friends? (Source)

Starbreeze Studios recently released Payday 3 in early access, and it’s encountering significant issues with one of its key features.

The game heavily emphasizes multiplayer and cooperative gameplay, allowing players to team up for heists.

However, due to matchmaking problems (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), players are unable to connect to online games. Even after waiting for 10-20 minutes, they can’t find anyone in the matchmaking system.

What is up with payday 3??? how is this game online only yet when I matchmake i cant find anyone. I refuse to believe only like 2 people pre ordered this game. (Source)

Some players speculate that the issue might be due to low player counts in the early access phase since the game hasn’t had a global release yet.

Payday 3 matchmaking not working

In addition to the matchmaking problems, some players are experiencing errors whenever they attempt to connect in matchmaking.

Its new, i get it but come on. I can live with bugs, glitches and whatnot but just not being able to play whatsovere after paying 90.- for early access. Anyone know how to fix it, I tried reinstalling but didnt do jack. (Source)

The early access version reportedly only offers tutorials, starting menus, and outdated features, making it nearly obsolete.

Workarounds for matchmaking not working and error issues in Payday 3

As reports continue to accumulate, players are becoming increasingly frustrated and demanding fixes.

Some players have suggested that the best way to find matches is to connect with people on Reddit and Discord and add them to your friends list.

Yeah, matchmaking sucks a*s. Your best bet is to find people on Reddit or Discord and add them to your friends list. (Source)

While there haven’t been any official statements regarding this issue, it has persisted since the beta phase, and the developers officially acknowledged it during that time:

PAYDAY 3 Beta – We’re currently experiencing matchmaking issues, please bear with us as we work to resolve them. Thanks for helping us stress test our servers ahead of launch! (Source)

We will monitor the situation and provide updates if and when there are further developments on this matter.

Update 1 (September 22, 2023)

09:02 am (IST): Developers have confirmed that they have implemented some fixes for the matchmaking issue. However, fresh reports (1, 2) continue to emerge.

Also, the game servers are currently down and this could be a reason that matchmaking is broken.

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