[Updated] Square POS platform down or not working? You’re not alone


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Original story (published on September 8, 2023) follows:

Square POS platform users are in the midst of serious difficulties because the service is currently down or not working, in what appears to be a world-wide outage.

Many reports can be seen on social platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit where users express their frustration about it.

Square POS platform down or not working

The ongoing Square POS platform is preventing businesses that depend on the platform from being able to process card payments (credit or debit). Also, even the Square website is currently down.


@Square website is down. Can’t process payments. Loosing business.
What’s going on?

Apparently it’s worldwide. Square being down is something that can never be allowed to happen. There should be redundancies on redundancies.

It’s noteworthy that payment services that depend on the Square platform, like Cash App, are currently down too. Interestingly, platforms not related to Square, such as Venmo, are also facing issues at the same time.

Sadly, at the time of writing this story, there is still no official word about the outage. So, the business owners who depend on the platform are having a bad time due to the situation.

The unavailability of the card payment platform is a serious issue for all businesses dependent on the Square POS platform. Thousands of potential sales are being lost the longer the outage lasts.


Let’s hope that soon there will be at least one official statement in this regard that sheds light on when the platform will be available again.

We will be monitoring the situation to update that story as events unfold.

Update 1 (Sep. 8, 2023)

03:03 am (IST): The Square server status platform already indicates that there is a degradation in their services and that they are working to resolve the issue, but there is no ETA yet.

They also point out that the problem is occurring in the United States, so it appears to be a nation-wide outage rather than a world-wide one.

08:57 am (IST): In addition to the aforementioned Cash App, it seems that Apple Pay service is in the midst of an outage that seems related to the Square platform issues as it is dependent on it.

01:11 pm (IST): While the developers are currently attempting to restore the service, they warn of transfer delays. However, they also guarantee that the transfers will be received by 12:00 PM, PDT on Friday (September 8).

As a result of the ongoing disruption affecting multiple Square Services, we anticipate slight delays for some transfers on Friday, September 8.
However, we want to reassure all our US sellers that you will receive your transfers by 12:00 PM, PDT on Friday, September 8

03:49 pm (IST): According to the most recent Square status update, a fix has already been applied, and the company is monitoring the situation as the services continue to gradually recover.

Our engineering team is continuing to monitor the results of the fix implemented and Square services are continuing to recover.

This means that the recent issues with platforms like Apple Pay and Cash App will also be finally resolved. But it’s also possible that some people may continue to experience issues until the services are fully restored.

Update 2 (Sep. 12, 2023)

10:55 am (IST): The Square developers recently took to X to formally apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent outage. You can check it out below:

We want to follow up with an update on last week’s Square outage. We understand that you rely on our systems to power your business and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We apologize for letting you down and for the time it took for us to get systems back up and running.

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