Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix’s Business Empire Soars


  • Ariana Madix has successfully built a flourishing business empire with eight lucrative brand deals post-breakup with Tom Sandoval.
  • Her participation on Dancing with the Stars positions her as a frontrunner to win the mirrorball trophy and further elevate her career.
  • Ariana’s strategic brand partnerships, such as with Uber One, Duracell, Red Robin, Tidy Cats, Joyburst, and Lay’s, reinforce her image as a tastemaker and showcase her entrepreneurial prowess.



Ariana Madix, a standout personality from Vanderpump Rules, has navigated her path to success post-breakup with Tom Sandoval. Before her high-profile breakup with Tom Sandoval, a fellow cast member and former longtime boyfriend, Ariana was known for her contributions to the restaurant scene at Lisa Vanderpump’s establishments SUR and PUMP in West Hollywood. Post-breakup, Ariana continued to carve her niche in the entertainment industry by welcoming several brand deals presented to her. Beyond the reality TV drama, Ariana has strategically (and unexpectedly) built a flourishing business empire, securing eight lucrative brand deals demonstrating her entrepreneurial prowess.

Since parting ways with Tom, Ariana transformed her entrepreneurial spirit and expanded her business portfolio. Instead of letting the burn of Scandoval scathe her, she rose above like a phoenix out of the ashes. From a sleek line of cocktail accessories to vying for the “Mirrorball Trophy” on Dancing with the Stars, Ariana has aligned herself with brands that resonate with her authentic persona. Her post-Scandoval trajectory showcases a sharp business acumen and savvy understanding of her fan base. With each partnership, Ariana secures financial success for her future while reinforcing her image as a tastemaker, establishing context for a diligent and multifaceted career beyond the confines of reality television.

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8 Competing On Dancing With The Stars

Ariana Is A Front-Runner On DWTS

Ariana shredded the stage alongside partner Pasha Pashkov, earning a stellar 39/40 in the initial round and an impressive 42/40 with three bonus points during the dance-off in week eight, The Wrap reports. The duo’s seamless synchronization and passionate routine propelled Ariana’s end score to 42. Ariana demonstrated her dance moves and potential to cinch the coveted mirrorball trophy with each twirl and dip. This performance solidifies her spot in the competition but also positions her as a frontrunner with the capability to add another shining accolade to her burgeoning career. The mirrorball trophy may very well find a new home with Ariana.

Ariana Madix regained the lead in DWTS season 32, week eight, due to a nearly perfect Paso Doble and three extra points from week seven.

7 Uber One/Eats Commercial

It Costars Scheana Shay & Lala Kent

Vanderpump Rules castmates Ariana, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay partnered with Uber One for a fresh commercial released on May 16, according to Billboard. The trio hit the recording studio, led by Lala, to put a spin on Scheana’s 2013 hit “Good as Gold.” In the ad, they belt out a catchy remix with playful lyrics promoting Uber One’s perks, singing, “I got this Uber One tip for ya/ Hot membership, oh yeah/ To save on rides and eats/ We’re bussin’, hunger is callin’/ We could be goat cheese ballin’/ With member savings so sweet.” The Auto-Tune-laden track jabbed Sandoval, with Scheana saying, “It’s better than gold. It’s like freedom.

6 Duracell Premium Battery Ad

She’s Mocking Tom Sandoval

Tom’s reliance on his assistant for even the most mundane tasks became a comedic saga among Vanderpump Rules castmates, notably his ex-girlfriend Ariana. The running joke reached new heights when Ariana starred in a Duracell commercial. Unveiling a post-Scandoval era, Ariana boldly declared, “Hi, I’m Ariana Madix, and I’m done with anything basic,” tossing aside a bottle of white nail polish. The ad, posted on Ariana’s Instagram, hilariously collected jabs about her ex-boyfriend and their 10-year union, culminating in her caption, “It’s time for me to move on to something more premium. Thanks to @Duracell, I’m now fully stocked with the best.

5 Beverage Partnership With Red Robin Burgers

She Helped Create The Burgertini

Ariana teamed up with Red Robin Burgers to create the Burgertini – a martini made with burger juice (beef bone broth in a pinch and pickle brine). This unconventional cocktail, featuring Red Robin’s famously juicy burger essence, elevates the classic martini experience. Ariana’s Instagram caption introduces the Burgertini as a delicious blend of fresh, elevated ingredients, mirroring the quality of Red Robin’s burgers. Despite its exclusivity off the menu, people could snag a taste through Burgertini kits available in a limited giveaway on the company’s website. The collaboration showcases Red Robin’s commitment to innovation, offering a unique and indulgent experience.

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4 Tidy Cats Light Weight Multi-Cat Clumping Litter

Ariana Teamed Up With Tidy Cats

Ariana is embracing the ease of post-breakup life with Tom. Teaming up with Tidy Cats, Ariana shared on Instagram how their Lightweight Multi-Cat Clumping Litter has lightened her load. In the ad, she praises its game-changing qualities, emphasizing its strength with half the weight of other clumping brands. Deep in a busy schedule, the reality star expressed excitement about anything that simplifies her life. With Tidy Cats, Ariana’s feline friend gets the spotlight on camera while she enjoys the convenience of effortlessly carrying, pouring, and storing this innovative, lightweight solution. Ariana proves that life gets lighter, even after a breakup that blazoned headlines.

3 Glad Trash Bags Partnership

Ariana Is Throwing Out The Trash In Her Life

Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix on WWHL

Ariana took her brand collaborations to a new level, announcing a partnership with Glad Trash Bags on her Instagram weeks after breaking up with Tom. In Ariana’s post showcasing the pink Glad ForceFlex MaxStrength Cherry Blossom trash bags, she emphasized strength and renewal, captioning, “There’s something about STRENGTH. Stronger than ever @GladProducts. Out with the old and in with the new! I [love] Glad ForceFlex MaxStrength Cherry Blossom trash bags. And did I mention they’re PINK?!” The reality TV personality’s strategic alignment with Glad cleverly plays on the trash-themed metaphor, implying that she knows when to take out the trash, literally and metaphorically.

2 Cocktail Partnership with “Joyburst” Energy Drink Company

Ariana Shares Her Sources Of Joy

Post-Scandoval, Ariana enthusiastically marked National Natural Joy Day on May 2, 2023. Embracing the annual celebration dedicated to fostering moments of happiness, Ariana took to Instagram, showcasing her appreciation for life’s joys, both significant and subtle. Accompanying a radiant ad, she captioned, “It’s National Natural Joy Day, and I am grateful for the elements in my life that spark moments of joy – big and small.” Ariana encouraged followers to join the festivities, sharing her sources of joy, including crafting her preferred @myjoyburst concoctions, socializing, and prioritizing fitness. Her empowering message urged everyone to indulge in the naturally uplifting facets of life, promoting happiness and well-being.

1 Lay’s Potato Chips Partnership

Ariana Partners With Katie

Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix at Vanderpump Rules reunion

In her post-Scandoval era, Ariana anticipates the grand launch of “Something About Her,” the sandwich shop she co-owns with Vanderpump Rules castmate Katie Maloney, which is currently in its hiring process according to the Something About Her Instagram account. Adding a flavorful twist, Ariana has aligned herself with a potato chip partnership with Lays, creating a seamless pairing for patrons. The synergy was palpable during BravoCon 2023, where Ariana and Katie strategically showcased the chip collaboration to amp up the buzz for the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season 11. The dynamic duo’s joint venture, marrying delectable sandwiches with a Lay’s potato chip, promises a tantalizing culinary experience.

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