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VCHA Members Profile and Facts:

VCHA (비춰) is a pre-debut global girl group under JYP Entertainment. The group was created from ‘A2K (America2Korea)‘ , the project survival show. The group consists of Camila, Kendall, Lexus, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee. The debut date is currently unknown. They will be releasing a pre-debut single, ‘SeVit (NEW LIGHT)‘ on September 22, 2023.

Name Explanation: VCHA means to illuminate, to give shine to fans around the world.

Fandom Name:
Fan Color:

Official Logo:

Official Accounts:
Twitter: VCHA_A2K
YouTube: VCHA
FaceBook: VCHA Official
TikTok: @america2korea

Members Profile:
Camila (Rank 3)

Stage Name: Camila (카밀라)
Birth Name: Camila Ribeaux Valdes
Birthday: August 10th, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Canadian

Camila Facts:
– Camila is ethnically Cuban.
– She participated in La Vois Junior (The Voice Junior) 2016 and was in the top 3.
– Camila speaks French, Spanish, and English.
– She was the 3rd member to be revealed.
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Kendall (Rank 6)

Stage Name: Kendall (켄달)
Birth Name: Kendall Ebeling
Birthday: 2006
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: American

Kendall Facts:
– She is from Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
– Kendall is ethnically half Viet and half American.
– She attended a K-pop immersion in Korea and even got to perform with fellow classmates.
– Kendall has stated that music is her life.
– She did ballet for 5 years, as well as jazz, theater, and lyrical.
– Kendall has an older sister named Aimee (born 2003-2004).
– She was the 6th and last member to be revealed.
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Lexus (Rank 1)

Stage Name: Lexus (렉서스)
Birth Name: Lexus Vang
Birthday: 2006
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: American

Lexus Facts:
– She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
– Lexus is ethnically Hmong.
– Lexus lives in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
– She was in the K-pop cover group Prism Kru. She joined in 2019.
– Lexus did ballet for 12 years.
– She was the 1st member to be revealed.
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Savanna (Rank 4)

Stage Name: Savanna (사바나)
Birth Name: Savanna Collins
Birthday: July 26th, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: American

Savanna Facts:
– Savanna was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
– She is half Venezuelan from her mom’s side and Trinbagonian from her dad’s side.
– Savanna was training to be a professional gymnast for 7 years, but she had to quit due to injury.
– Savanna has stated that she discipline from gymnastics which will help her in the Korean music field.
– She has a twin brother named Alonso and an older sister named Brianna Lauren (born 2001-2002).
– She was the 4th member to be revealed.
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KG (Rank 2)

Stage Name: KG (케이지)
Birth Name: Kiera Grace
Birthday: June 17th, 2007
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 154.9 cm (5’1″)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: American
Facebook: KG Crown
Instagram: iamkgcrown
TikTok: @kgcrownofficial
Website: KG Crown Official Website
YouTube: KG Crown

KG Facts:
– She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
– She moved to Michigan, USA right after she was born and lived there until she was 13.
– KG moved to Los Angeles, California, USA in 2021.
– She is trained in musical theater.
– If she could open for anyone’s show, she would want to open for BLACKPINK.
– KG knows how to play the guitar, piano, and drums.
– She started modeling at the age of 4 starting with Ford Models.
– Her original stage name was KG Crown (케이지 크라운) during her auditions.
– If she wasn’t a singer, she would be an actress, or a veterinarian if it isn’t in the entertainment industry.
– She was the 2nd member to be revealed.
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Kaylee (Rank 5)

Stage Name: Kaylee (케일리)
Birth Name: Kaylee Lee
Korean Name: Lee – (이-)
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Korean-American

Kaylee Facts:
– Kaylee is fluent in both English and Korean.
– She is very adamant and has a plan for everything she does.
– Kaylee started training singing one week before the final audition and learned her performance three days beforehand.
– She was the 5th member to be revealed.
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