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VIDEO: “I like Trump”- Sexyy Red is a Republican as she said she is Donald Trump supporter because he gave free money to black people

Rapper and vocalist Sexyy Red made an appearance on the This Past Weekend podcast with host Theo Von on October 3. Sexyy Red revealed toward the end of their conversation that she was a supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump and wished for his election to the White House once more.

Republican Sexyy Red claimed to support Donald Trump because he gives free money to people of color.

Sexyy Red discusses Donald Trump in a podcast with Theo Von:

“I like Trump. They support him in the hood. At first people didn’t f*ck with him, they thought he was racist. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving free money, oh baby we love Trump. We need him back in office.”

Emmer is the No. 3 House Republican and formerly led the House GOP’s campaign arm. He was at the center of talks that broke the days-long deadlock that led to McCarthy finally winning the speakership in January. As Majority Whip, it is his main job to help count the votes and find ways to work within the Republican Party’s slim five-seat majority (it’s even smaller at the moment due to a vacancy).

For the first time in American history, House lawmakers have ejected the Speaker of the House from power.

Now that Rep. Matt Gaetz’s gambit was successful, House lawmakers must find a new leader of the chamber who is also second-in-line for the presidency. The nation could very well be in a multi-day drama like the five days in January that ultimately ended with Kevin McCarthy as speaker. And yes, this entire saga could also end with McCarthy retaking the gavel.


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