Video of multiple ‘UFOs’ in Israel being intercepted by fighter jets is raising eyebrows

Amid growing concerns about extraterrestrials, an unverified video on TikTok depicting multiple ‘UFOs’ allegedly flying over Israel has raised questions about life beyond Earth.

Questionable sightings worldwide alleging movements of UFOs and other aerial phenomena are centering social media now more than ever, dividing believers and skeptics over the possibilities of extraterrestrial lives. Fueling the rumors further is a video depicting several unidentified objects allegedly captured flying over Israel.

Fighter jet attacks a UFO. UFO invasion
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‘UFOs’ seen flying over Israel in a captivating video

An unverified video shared across different TikTok accounts claims to have captured unidentified objects allegedly seen in Israel.

The footage in question is seemingly filmed in the evening and features multiple objects in the air being escorted by fighter jets. The captions claim the alleged sighting occurred in Tel Aviv two days ago.

The video doesn’t contain any voice-over to narrate the details surrounding the video, while the voices of the people in the background imply many were caught off guard by the supposed occurrence.

While UFO enthusiasts and critics are looking for theories to support or refute claims suggesting an unexplainable aerial phenomenon allegedly spotted in Israel, it’s safe to say the clip is created using CGI, unless proven otherwise.

Furthermore, a sighting of the above nature wasn’t reported officially and there isn’t any clarity on the source of its origin.

TikTok users find rare sighting mind-boggling

While some users have straight-out debunked the video, others are amused by the supposed sighting in Israel.

“This is the best footage I’ve seen now get Bigfoot on that same camera lol. Looks pretty real,” wrote one.

Another added: “OMG. Aliens are coming for us.”

“WOW! We truly live in the strangest of times,” wrote a third one.

“No way is this real,” opined another.

Rumors about aliens and UAPs have become common

Due to a lack of solid evidence to analyze any aerial phenomenon, speculations about UFOs and aliens have taken over social media platforms in the recent past.

This has further created an irrational fear of extraterrestrial lives possibly invading Earth as if the unproven claims by ufologists and their witnesses hadn’t confused common people enough.

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