Vladimir Okhotnikov on the Advent of a New Era of Decentralized Financial Management

Fifteen years ago blockchain did not look promising, but today it is actively used to organize complex systems based on smart contracts: Vladimir Okhotnikov says who will manage metaverses and virtual reality 

Vladimir Okhotnikov About the Link Between Blockchain and Metaverses

In a new analytical article, Vladimir Okhotnikov, a leading expert in the field of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, described his vision of the future, where two systems interact – blockchain and metaverses.

Vladimir believes that the decentralization offered by blockchain has good prospects. In his opinion, having survived fifteen years of evolution, the technology implemented by Satoshi Nakamoto has become not only a tool for creating cryptocurrency. It has proven that it is ready to regulate relations between the parties without the participation of third parties at the state level.

That blockchain has become an ideal tool for organizing a fair economic system. However, not everyone agrees with it.

Vladimir Okhotnikov about the evolution of virtual reality

The concept of the metaverse is considered as a natural process of development of man and computer. Vladimir defines the virtual environment as the next generation of the Internet. According to him, the interactive environment can be used for entertainment and business.

In the context of the article Vladimir Okhotnikov regards metaverses as the main and obvious driving force that is capable of scaling the blockchain. The new vision will make financial transactions more accessible and faster. There will no longer be a need to pay inflated commissions to intermediaries.

He also presents virtual reality as a kind of environment where the seller and buyer interact with each other. There, blockchain is used to transfer and store digital data that cannot be falsified or changed. Moreover, each participant has access to a database connected to a common network of computers.

This system is based on the principles of justice and security. Nobody can interfere with it. Everyone has the same rights,” says Vladimir Okhotnikov.

Vladimir Okhotnikov discusses the problems of Metaverse and blockchain

Vladimir Okhotnikov sees the following achievement of the digital world. It shows a strategy for effectively and equitably organizing a viable virtual space. As the author himself notes, “We need to critically evaluate the opportunities and risks of financial and cyber security of metaverses.”

According to Vladimir, the main problem of blockchain scaling lies in many unresolved issues related to information security. The author is worried that people are still far from accepting the idea of decentralized finance, “Many do not know how to use crypto wallets or what to do with seed phrases. These problems need to be solved from the beginning,” the analyst emphasized.

The purpose of the article is to convey to society the problems associated with blockchain. The emergence of metaverses opens up completely new possibilities. This is still virgin land that needs to be “plowed” and “sowed” with the most effective technological solutions.

However, there is already a successful example of integrating blockchain into digital infrastructure. And there is every reason to believe that many developments in the field of virtual reality will sooner or later find practical application in our world. You can read more about this and other things in the author’s article “Metaverse and Blockchain: Global Synergy.”

Vladimir Okhotnikov

Vladimir Okhotnikov is an outstanding specialist in the field of virtual reality, whose knowledge and experience are respected by many authoritative publications. He has extensive experience, and his contribution to the development of virtual reality is noticeable and recognized in the professional community. He actively participates in various projects and his expert opinion is valued for innovative approaches and deep understanding of technological trends. Vladimir’s publications and speeches at conferences often become the starting point for discussing current topics in the field of virtual reality.



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