Walking Dead Spinoff Ending Is A Big Wake-Up Call For Future Crossover Plans


  • Fear the Walking Dead’s finale makes crossovers with other Walking Dead characters difficult as Madison and Alicia leave Georgia for Los Angeles.
  • Madison forms a new organization called MADRE with the goal of helping people, replacing PADRE.
  • The entire Fear the Walking Dead cast splits up, making it challenging for them to appear again in the Walking Dead franchise, but crossover opportunities are still possible with careful storytelling.



With The Walking Dead’s first ever spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, finally coming to a close, many may be wondering what sort of loose ends the finale left for future crossover opportunities, but the reality is that the Fear the Walking Dead ending made crossovers a bit more difficult than before. Fear the Walking Dead premiered in 2015 and ran for a total of eight seasons. Like its predecessor, Fear the Walking Dead followed a group of survivors during a horrific zombie apocalypse. But by the end of the series, these survivors had formed important relationships, rivalries, and organizations that all finally came to a head during the series finale.

The Walking Dead franchise has expanded exponentially in the last few years. After The Walking Dead’s ending, the franchise decided to keep the story alive via spinoffs like Fear the Walking Dead. In the past year, The Walking Dead has premiered two new spinoffs: The Walking Dead: Dead City with Maggie and Negan, and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon starring fan-favorite Daryl. Plus, Rick and Michonne’s series, The Ones Who Live, is on the way. All of this is to say that The Walking Dead loves big returns and crossovers, but the way Fear the Walking Dead ended may make this more difficult.

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Madison & Alicia Leave Georgia After Fear The Walking Dead

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark and Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia Clark in Fear the Walking Dead

The reason why crossover opportunities will be so scarce after Fear the Walking Dead is because Madison and Alicia leave Georgia at the end of the series. Finally reunited after Troy Otto’s reign of terror, the mother-daughter duo decide to leave the state altogether, along with Troy’s daughter Tracy, with the express mission to help people. Although Fear the Walking Dead was firmly based in Georgia for eight seasons, their new desired destination is Los Angeles, California. Ultimately, the fact that Madison and Alicia leave Georgia for Los Angeles means that a crossover between them and other The Walking Dead characters won’t be so easy.

Madison and Alicia leave Georgia as part of Madison’s new organization MADRE. In the Fear the Walking Dead finale, Madison and Troy went head-to-head, as Troy wanted to take over PADRE with his zombie army, and Madison was intent on stopping him. In the end, Madison got what she wanted after fatally stabbing Troy with Alicia’s prosthetic arm. Then, she scooped up the remains of PADRE singlehandedly and made it her own, renaming it MADRE. This new organization is similar to PADRE except without the hard-to-reach island and strange, questionable doings. In the end, Madison’s MADRE has the ultimate goal of helping people.

Although Madison and Alicia’s new location doesn’t help with future The Walking Dead crossovers, their move makes a sort of sense. For eight seasons, both Madison and Alicia have remained in Georgia and faced some of the most difficult moments in their lives. Even when they weren’t on-screen, audiences can only imagine what sort of terrors these characters saw. Madison’s near-death alone is enough to make Georgia an unhappy memory for her and Alicia. Therefore, it makes sense that the two would want to leave their bad memories behind and start fresh somewhere new. California offers them new surroundings, and also, a new, unexplored area of The Walking Dead world.

The Fear The Walking Dead Cast Is Split Up

Madison, Alicia, and Tracy are not the only ones who have made crossovers difficult by moving away. In fact, the entire Fear the Walking Dead cast essentially splits up at the end of the series. Most likely, like Madison and Alicia, these characters desire a change, not only of scenery but of mindset. Georgia has been a dark place for these characters, and so they need a new location to settle in so that they may feel safe and move on from what happened. But once again, despite this logic, their individual moves make it hard for them to appear again in The Walking Dead franchise.

Furthermore, also like Madison and Alicia, the Fear the Walking Dead cast almost all have intentions of helping people on their move. As members of MADRE, they are dedicating themselves to aiding survivors in any way they can. In particular, Victor Strand, along with his family, Frank and Klaus, are traveling away from Georgia to help people. Their destination is unclear, with Strand only saying, “Onward.” Daniel and Luciana are also on the move to help people via MADRE, and their location of choice is also unknown. Perhaps with Madison heading west, they will take on the midwest states or the northeast.

The other members of the Fear the Walking Dead cast that leave Georgia are Dwight and Sherry and June and Odessa. Dwight and Sherry also seem to be taking part in MADRE’s mission, but in a more detailed way. The couple plan to return to the Sanctuary and find other parents who lost their children to PADRE. This definitely seems like a trip that will help them heal and move on from their past traumas. Meanwhile, June and Odessa are headed to Texas to visit John’s grave. On the way, June will teach Odessa more about medicine, and more than likely, their relationship will strengthen.

How Fear Characters Can Still Appear In A Walking Dead Franchise Crossover

Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead lurking around in the bushes looking concerned

With Fear the Walking Dead’s characters spread all throughout the United States, it is more difficult than ever for them to reunite again or stumble across another character in the franchise. Maggie and Negan are in New York, Daryl is in France, and Rick and Michonne are presumably in Alexandria. However, it isn’t impossible for a Fear the Walking Dead crossover to happen. In reality, it would actually make sense that the showrunners would send characters in certain directions with the knowledge that another character from another series would be heading that way eventually as well. In this way, a crossover could be destined, without the audience’s knowledge.

The Ones Who Live is set to premiere on February 25, 2024.

For example, Daniel and Luciana had an unknown destination that they were traveling to. If they found themselves in the northeast, they could easily stumble upon Maggie and Negan in New York, or even Carol in Maine. In a similar way, it isn’t entirely clear yet where Rick and Michonne will be in The Ones Who Live. While the characters could be based in The Walking Dead’s Alexandria, it seems likely that they will be moving around to new locations where new stories lie. With their destination unknown, Rick and Michonne could easily bump into a Fear the Walking Dead character.


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