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Want To Watch Blue Eye Samurai? Know All About the Upcoming Netflix Adult Animated Series

Blue Eye Samurai is an upcoming Canadian-American adult animated series packed with action and sword fights that will premiere on Netflix. It was created and written by the husband-wife duo Michael Green and Amber Noizumi. As per reports, we know the series will have 1 season with eight episodes. 

According to the creators, if you like Game of Thrones, The Crown, etc, you are bound to love this animated series. The animation is pretty unique here as the audience will witness a 2D/3D hybrid, with 3D elements and a 2D handcrafted feel. Jane Wu is the supervising director and producer, and Toby Wilson is handling the production design.

Blue Eye Samurai Netflix Plot/Synopsis

The story of Blue Eye Samurai has an interesting and adult take on the world of Edo Japan. The themes dealt with here are also very unique as they talk about revenge, racial purity and sexual gratification. Here, the story centres around Mizu, who, as the name states, possesses blue eyes. But how is that possible in Edo Japan? Well, she is of mixed descent, a fact that will play a major role in the series. 

Want To Watch Blue Eye Samurai? Know All About the Upcoming Netflix Adult Animated Series

Mizu seeks revenge, and thus, she carries on in her quest while in disguise. She will start her journey from a Soba noodle shop, where she will get her first clue and her sidekick, Ringo. Together, they will head towards Kyoto, and the main story will begin. 

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Blue Eye Samurai Cast

The characters of this animated series are voiced by an ensemble of star-studded cast members, including MIZU by Maya Erskine, SEKI by George Takei, RINGO by Masi Oka, THE SWORDMAKER by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, AKEMI by Brenda Song, and others. 

Blue Eye Samurai Release Date

This upcoming series will premiere exclusively on Netflix on November 3, 2023.

Blue Eye Samurai Trailer Below

YouTube video

Are you excited to watch Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix? Let us know what you feel about this new series in the comment section.

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