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2017 was a year of revelation for you. He was invited to speak at a resort super-luxury hotel in the middle of the California desert, which turned out to be a private meeting with five affluent executives.

They wanted to discuss how they would be more likely to survive the “event,” that catastrophe that will end our civilization (or at least put it on hold), and that It will take the form of environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, unstoppable computer virus, or machine rebellion.

Should private underground shelters be located in Alaska or New Zealand? Which threat, climate change or biological warfare, is more probable? How can they prevent the security officers at their shelters from turning against them?

This encounter had a profound effect on the veteran New York intellectual, a ciberpunk culture icon renowned for his Marxist views. He realized that the elite that controls the technology industry is not only obscenely wealthy, but also assumes that we are destined for torment and has a plan B, which consists of fleeing and sheltering in place in all circumstances.

The richest surpass the luxury shelters. Jeff Bezos desires space travel; Elon Musk, Mars colonization. Peter Thiel (Palantir) seeks to reverse the aging process. The minds of Sam Altman (OpenAI) and Ray Kurzweil (Google) are uploaded to computers. Mark Zuckerberg, escaping to the metaverse.

A variety of solutions to the problems they have contributed to create. And the remainder of mankind.


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