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WATCH: Eu Sou Uma Rata Senhora twitter video completo, sparks controversy

This article aims to give you insight into the online phenomenon dubbed “Eu Sou Uma Rata Senhora” video. According to the reports, the video of Eu Sou Uma Rata Senhora has become a trending topic on the internet since it surfaced. This online phenomenon is creating a stir among the netizens. However, it has been watched by millions of people so far on TikTok, but still, many users are unversed in this controversial video. A debate also has occurred between the netizens as some people found it hilarious while some found it disturbing. Let’s delve into the details and analyze what is the matter. Keep reading this article. Drag down the page.

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Eu Sou Uma Rata Senhora Video Goes Viral On Twitter Sparks Controversy

The video is going viral on all the social networking sites, particularly on Twitter where it sparks a controversy as well. Speaking of the title of the video, it is circulating with the title “Eu Sou Uma Rata Senhora” because the woman who is at the center of the video is holding a mouse in her hand while recording the video. Although the woman recorded the video in a hilarious tone some users found it offensive and disturbing. Some also called her an animal abuser. Drag down the page and learn what is in the video.

The video starts with the woman holding the small mouse and saying “Rato, voice e um rato”. Furthermore, the woman in the video personifies the mouse establishing a humorous dialogue with herself. The woman questions the rat about his name and the woman comically answers “Eu Sou Uma Rata, Senhora” which is dubbed in English as “I am a rat, mam” This conversation between the girl and the mouse further becomes funnier as the woman continues to personifies the mouse.

The woman in the video also asks the rat about his actions when the rat responds, “O what, Senhora?” which is dubbed as “What mam?”. This sweet conversation between the woman and the girl adds extra humor to the video. The witty conversation between the woman and the rat shows the creativity and humor of the protagonist of the video, to make it a viral phenomenon on social media. In case, you are also eager to watch the video, it can be easily accessed on Twitter and Reddit. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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