WATCH: ‘The View’ APOLOGY ISSUED – they know what they did!


The ladies of ‘The View’ are no strangers to the controversy generated by their political takes, often being forced to apologize for “inaccurate” or “unclear” remarks made on their show.

The Washington Free Beacon compiled a video of the most “cringeworthy” apologies from the daytime talk show. They also noted that in 2022 alone, ‘The View’ was compelled to issue almost 40 apologies with many of those having come at the expense of Republicans and conservatives.

Some of the greatest hits include comparing Christianity to a “mental illness,” Whoopi Goldberg falsely claiming that the Holocaust “wasn’t about race,” and the timeless classic insulting nurses by calling what they do “not a real talent.”


The frequency of the apologies is enough to make one wonder if they really mean it, or if they continue to offend half of the country on a regular basis because, for the most part, they have been allowed to get away with doing so.


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