We Can Be Heroes 2 Gets An Update From Director Robert Rodriguez



  • Robert Rodriguez provides an update on the development of a sequel to We Can Be Heroes, highlighting the passage of time as a potential benefit to the story.
  • The sequel to We Can Be Heroes has not made much progress since Rodriguez confirmed his return as writer/director, but it remains a priority for him over Spy Kids: Armageddon 2.
  • Many details about the sequel, including its story and returning cast members, remain unknown, but Pedro Pascal’s availability is uncertain due to his involvement in other projects.



Robert Rodriguez provides an update on the sequel to We Can Be Heroes. Written and directed by Rodriguez, We Can Be Heroes was released in 2020 as both a standalone and legacy sequel to his 2005 film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. We Can Be Heroes was a hit on Netflix for its zany tone, zealous originality, and lovable ensemble cast. Shortly after its release, Netflix announced a sequel with Rodriguez returning,

Now, several years later in a new interview with Collider, Rodriguez provided an update on We Can Be Heroes 2. Though the writer/director says they are in a rush to make the sequel sooner rather than later, the script does take the passage of time into account, which could ultimately end up benefiting the story. Read what he said below:

The bigger rush is to do a sequel for that because of the kids growing up. Although the script always kind of took that into account, they’re supposed to be kind of next-level. And I like the idea of kids seeing their favorite characters grow so exponentially on screen, and it makes them realize how time works to go. It makes them go, “Oh yeah, Guppy was this age in the first movie. I’ve been watching it again and again, and now she’s already…” They can picture themselves growing and developing and their brains expanding in leaps and bounds like that. So I think the time works in our favor.

Everything We Know About We Can Be Heroes 2

The superpowered kids looking off-screen in We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes was a hit on Netflix and shortly after its release in 2020, the streaming service said they were developing a sequel. Months later, Rodriguez confirmed he would be returning in his role as writer/director and said he was planning for principal photography to take place in 2022, which never panned out. Based on his latest update, it doesn’t sound like the sequel has made much progress since then, though it does sound like Rodriguez is prioritizing it, especially over a possible sequel to Spy Kids: Armageddon.

As a superhero story aimed at younger audiences, We Can Be Heroes is especially conducive to a franchise. However, much about the sequel remains unknown, including its story or what members of the We Can Be Heroes cast will be returning. Pedro Pascal, who played the leader of The Heroics, is one cast member to keep an eye on. After receiving immense acclaim for his role in HBO’s The Last of Us and being cast in other high-profile projects like Gladiator 2, it’s unlikely he will have room in his schedule to return in We Can Be Heroes 2.

Source: Collider


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