Welcome To Plathville’s Micah Makes Big Mistake Not Wanting To Reconcile With Olivia Alone


  • Olivia and Micah’s relationship on Welcome To Plathville has been strained for years, with Olivia attempting to clear the air one-on-one, but Micah’s refusal shows immaturity and reliance on his family’s influence.
  • Olivia’s problems with the Plath family have been a significant factor in her troubled marriage with Ethan. Micah’s rejection of her attempt to mend things was difficult for her to understand.
  • The tense relationship between Olivia and the rest of the Plath family has driven a wedge between Olivia and Ethan, laying the groundwork for their impending divorce.



Welcome To Plathville season 5 has shown the fraught relationship Olivia Plath has with the rest of the family, including Micah Plath. Olivia’s relationship with Ethan Plath has been in trouble for years. Still, with their marriage truly hitting turbulence during Welcome To Plathville season 5, things have been tricky to navigate, especially for the Plath family. Ethan’s siblings, including Micah, have struggled with Olivia through the years. Although the family seemed happy that Ethan was marrying Olivia in 2018, things have changed drastically throughout their relationship. Olivia’s interactions with the Plaths have become more stilted as their problems have piled up.

On a recent episode of Welcome To Plathville, Olivia asked Micah to chat with her one-on-one to clear the air. Instead of facing her, he suggested they hang out in a more casual setting. While Micah has the right to rebuff the idea, many viewers don’t like the immaturity his decision shows. According to Reddit user u/mmmmmmadeline, “Micah should have met up with Olivia alone. It was wise of Olivia to suggest clearing the air between just the two of them. This ensures no external influences. Micah’s reliance on having his family around for confidence reeks of fear and guilt.”

Micah & Olivia’s Welcome To Plathville Dynamics Explained

Welcome To Plathville's Olivia & Ethan Plath

Olivia and Micah’s relationship has been strained for years, with Olivia even sharing she hasn’t spoken to Micah since the Plath family crafted a statement to put out to the public against Olivia and her marriage to Ethan. While Micah feels that Olivia has been harsh with the Plath family, he’s not always clear about his problems with her. According to Micah and Moriah Plath, Olivia has spread lies about the Plath family when calling out Kim Plath for her actions, like using Ethan’s credit card without his consent, in the past. Ethan and Olivia have defended their actions, but the younger Plaths haven’t tried to see both sides.

While Ethan and Olivia have been having problems of their own within their marriage, Olivia’s problems with the Plath family have been a massive factor in their relationship thus far. For Ethan, Olivia’s relationship with his siblings getting worse has been a tough pill to swallow. Olivia seemed hopeful that Micah would try and mend things with her to at least try and keep the peace for the family, but Micah rebuffing her attempt to clear the air was difficult for her to understand. Micah, who said he hoped to keep things light, didn’t want to hear Olivia out in any capacity.

Though things have been tough between Ethan and Olivia, her relationship with the rest of the Plath family has been just as hard, if not more complicated, to manage. In trying to keep things civil so it’s not as awkward for Ethan to interact with his parents and siblings, Olivia has tried to open the lines of communication. Still, Micah shut her down as quickly as possible. With Welcome To Plathville laying the groundwork for Olivia and Ethan’s impending divorce, it’s clear that Olivia’s relationship with the rest of Ethan’s family played a massive part in driving a wedge between the couple.

Source: u/mmmmmmadeline/Reddit


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