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What do you call a rude cow? Dad joke will crack you up


Have you ever wondered – what do you call a rude cow? The answer to the funny dad joke will have you in hysterics.

Several one-liners and puns serving as brain-teasers have made a comeback on social media prompting us to make a compilation of the top 23 dad jokes. Now, let’s get to the joke about a rude cow.

Dairy Cow
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What do you call a rude cow?

So what do you call a rude cow? The answer is…

Funny! Isn’t it?

The answer is a wordplay for the dish of the same name and taking into consideration that beef is also slang for a fight and “jerk” for someone annoying, a rude cow is called beef jerky.

Social media users can’t stop laughing at the funny dad joke!

One wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “That’s a knee-slapper if I’ve heard one.”

“I live for ad jokes like these,” said another.

A third user wrote: “This is so funny. I didn’t get it at first but it was worth the wait.”

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