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What do you call a single vampire? Silly Halloween joke is fang-tastic

Halloween dad jokes are amusing everyone right now and here’s one that will crack you up. What do you call a single vampire? Read on for the punchline.

It’s one of many spooktacular gags taking over social media, like ‘How do you fix a broken pumpkin?’ and ‘What do you call two witches sharing an apartment?’.

Cartoon vampire
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What do you call a single vampire?

So, what do you call a single vampire?

Wait for it…

So funny!

Another funny vampire joke

If you loved that one, here’s another vampire dad joke.

What would you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman?

The answer is…

Person laughing at Halloween
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More fang-tastic Halloween dad jokes

These Halloween dad jokes will keep you entertained right up until October 31…

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