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What does the ‘F’ mean on FaceTime with iOS 17?


Find out what the strange letter ‘F’ means on FaceTime as new features are added to video calling app with iOS 17.

Apple’s latest operating system arrived this week ahead of the iPhone 15 and it has all kinds of cool additions.

New Features For IPhone IOS 17 Beta
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Bizarre letter ‘F’ on FaceTime

FaceTime’s layout is mostly the same, but a few things have moved around a little with the new iPhone update.

The Speaker, Camera, Mute, Share and End buttons still appear in bubbles at the top – but it’s the bottom that looks different.

There’s a strange star symbol that brings up all kinds of features including Filters, adding Text to the screen and Shapes.

The other side is the normal camera flip button, and in the middle is a little swirly ‘F’ that you can tap – but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

What the ‘F’ means with iOS 17

If you look a little closer, you’ll see that tapping the ‘F’ actually turns the FaceTime screen into Portrait Mode.

When tapped, the background is blurred and the focus is put onto your face, making you look sharper and clearer.

The ‘F’ is Apple’s ‘Depth Control’ button and Portrait Mode adds a depth-of-field effect that replicates photos taken on a DSLR camera.

FaceTime call

Other new FaceTime features

The ‘F’ isn’t the only new thing within the FaceTime app. You can now leave a video or audio message to when someone misses your FaceTime call

Plus, FaceTime is available on Apple TV by using your iPhone as a camera, as long as you have 4K 2nd generation or later.

You can react with gestures too, such as hearts by making a heart with your hands and two thumbs-ups to trigger fireworks.

However, the coolest iOS 17 addition is StandBy Mode which turns your device into a smart display while it’s charging.

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