What Happened to Homer and Geneva Peel? Know Homer Peel Child Bride Tennessee Wife

In the annals of history, certain stories stand out, not for their joyous celebrations, but for the controversial and extraordinary twists they take. One such tale revolves around the union of Homer Peel and Geneva Hamby, shrouded in the peculiar circumstances of 1937 Tennessee.

Homer Peel Child Bride Tennessee Wife

In 1937, Tennessee took a step towards regulating marriage with Governor Browning signing a law on February 26, setting the minimum age to marry at sixteen. However, this did not immediately put an end to child marriages in the state. Despite the new law, cases continued to emerge.

On March 29, 1937, 12-year-old Geneva Hamby married 32-year-old Homer Peels in Madisonville, Tennessee. Shockingly, when applying for their marriage license, Geneva declared herself to be eighteen.

However, her mother filed for an annulment on April 21st, citing the significant age difference. Surprisingly, the court refused the annulment, citing Geneva’s orphaned past and limited contact with her mother.

Homer Peel Child Bride Tennessee Wife
Homer Peel Child Bride Tennessee Wife

What Happened to Homer and Geneva Peel?

As time unfolded, rumors circulated in the press about the couple’s marriage falling apart. Yet, on their first anniversary, Homer and Geneva were still together. They faced societal scrutiny, with many expressing concern over the substantial age gap.

As the couple approached their second anniversary, it appeared that not much had changed. Despite the challenges, they were planning to build a small house, determined not to have children. However, fate had a different plan, and on December 18, 1942, Eunice, aged fourteen, gave birth to their first child, Evelyn.

Contrary to speculations, Homer and Geneva’s marriage endured. By their twentieth anniversary, they had seven children, and Homer had become a prosperous farmer. Financially secure after selling mineral rights, the couple lived a comfortable life.

The couple once again made headlines in 1960 when their 17-year-old daughter, Evelyn, eloped against her father’s wishes. Despite objections and legal troubles, Evelyn and her husband remained married for forty-six years.

A Lasting Legacy

Charlie Jess Johns passed away on February 13, 1997, at the age of eighty-four, leaving behind a successful sixty-year marriage. Eunice Blanche Winstead Johns, who lived without her husband for nine more years, passed away on August 29, 2006.

In a 1976 interview, Eunice expressed no regrets over marrying young, despite the challenges it brought, including the end of her education. The couple, once subjected to criticism, ultimately enjoyed a successful and enduring marriage.

As we conclude this unusual story, a surprising revelation emerges. A meticulous examination of historical records reveals an error in every account of the couple’s story. Charlie Johns, once believed to be twenty-two at marriage, was, in fact, twenty-four.

In revisiting this extraordinary narrative, we uncover not just the unconventional journey of Homer and Geneva Peel but also the intricacies of human relationships that can withstand the test of time and societal norms.


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