What Is The Age Range Of The Contestants?


  • Gerry Turner, the lead of The Golden Bachelor season 1, has narrowed down his search for love to two women out of 22 senior contestants.
  • The focus of the show has been on Gerry’s connections and how the women feel about him and what he represents. Drama has been low this season.
  • The age range of the contestants on The Golden Bachelor spans from 60 to 75 years old, with the majority being in their 60s. The women’s specific ages haven’t influenced Gerry’s decision-making.



The Golden Bachelor season 1 lead Gerry Turner has narrowed down his search for love to two women, but he started with 22, all ranging in age in their senior years. Gerry has become the most lovable frontman for the pioneering spinoff. This is Bachelor Nation’s first foray into exploring senior dating, and it has been a hit among viewers. Drama has been low this season, and the focus has moreso been on Gerry’s connections and how the women all feel about Gerry and what he represents.

During the premiere season of the hit reality show, viewers watched Gerry form strong connections with many of the women vying for his heart. Each rose ceremony has tugged on Gerry’s heartstrings, and he’s stopped to take several breaks when delivering the bad news to the women he’s sent home. However, despite the sad moments, fans have watched many happy situations and gotten to know a lot of the hopeful seniors.

Gerry Has Narrowed His Search For Love Down To Two Women

Gerry went on hometown dates with Theresa Nist, Faith Martin, and Leslie Fhima. He met their families, professed “I love you” to Faith and Leslie, and got a real glimpse into the life he could be stepping into with each of his choices. When it came time for the rose ceremony, Gerry gave a rose to Leslie and Theresa, leaving Faith heartbroken. It was a painful choice for Gerry because he didn’t find anything wrong with his connection with Faith, and he made the choice to send her home despairingly. It has been obvious through the process that Gerry had a lot of strong women to choose from.

What Is The Age Range Of The Golden Bachelor Contestants?

The Golden Bachelor Women

Gerry, who turned 72 during filming, began his The Golden Bachelor journey with 22 options. The youngest contestants on the show were 60 years old. Seven of the women were 60, making them the majority. The oldest participants were 75, of which there were two. In fact, there were only five women in their 70s aiming to date Gerry. Leslie is 64, and Theresa is 69. However, the women’s specific ages have not played a part in Gerry’s decision-making or thought process, and he has joked about all of them facing the same problems people in their sunset years face.

Several senior moments played out during the season, like the collective need for all the women to sit during the rose ceremonies. Kathy’s lack of balance, group gas issues, and some women being unable to take the top bunk. However, throughout the season, the cast of The Golden Bachelor season 1 has showcased their resiliency in their journey to find love and highlighted that love can happen at any age.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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